Higher Ground…

I hear that they is where they are telling the folks in Hawaii to go. Upper floors and higher places to avoid the water.

My heart is heavy today as I think about all of the people that are in crisis. My mind ran an imaginary calculator this morning as I watched a massive wave of water and debris destroy carefully tended farmland. I grew up in farmland. I know what is invested and how it effects a whole community.

As much as I want to sit and ponder and feel the immense power of this storm….I know in my heart that the best thing to do is to start being happy. Go to that higher ground, my higher self. I know I need to sit with her today and see what she has to say. Raise your vibration she says…and put it out…

I know that it is important for the collective conscious to vibrate at a rapid rate. Raising the vibration…clearing the energy…begin to make the positive change from the spirit and send it outward.

Focusing my intention of peace and prosperity for those effected by this natural temper tantrum….I focus love and light and imagine that the healing comes easy and quickly.

Tonight, Don Simmons, is offering a free crystal bowl mediation to focus our energy to this most important task. Donations can be made to the Red Cross at the Phoenix and Dragon.

Today I am grateful to be a part of such a healing and loving energy.

Today…REALLY be the change you wish to see in the world. Focus your positive intention…don’t focus on the sadness or the crisis…instead focus on the love and the peace that you wish to see for everyone. Everyone including you and me and all our cosmic brothers and sisters….
It’s important. You are the difference. Believe that you are. I do.

Love you all big

Smooch Out



The best seat for fireworks…

Ok…you know you have said it a time or two….

Karma always come back to crack me on the knuckles like an old piano teacher, but (insert name of choice) NEVER gets their due!

Well, Love Monkeys….that’s just not true.

The Universe does not play favorites. When your momma said, “What comes around, goes around.” She was not kidding.

I have had my share of it….believe me. Sometimes it is almost instantaneous. I cannot say ugly things about another person without injuring my mouth. I just got a good dose of that from a hard loving tortilla chip today, right after I made an smart mouthed comment.

I am grateful for the instant kind of karma. I am. I swear….I mean really I do swear and right out loud when it happens. I am grateful that I get my due in that quick rip a bandaid sort of way. I do believe that the long waiting kind…comes with interest.

I won’t ramble on about all of my past mean girl indiscretions…but let me tell you  that I did get fat and my nose is getting pointy and my hair is getting thinner among many things. There are more and deeper punishments that have come my way…and all because the Universe is really the judge and the jury, and although sometimes your court date gets put off…..it always comes around.

So…when you’re sitting there watching someone that really did you wrong, and they are rising to the top and look and seem at the peak of the game….remember that karma can be a hard fall.

Just sit back and keep your head down. It will happen. So, try to feel empathy for the offending party. Keep your head down and keep a safe distance so that you don’t get any of it on you.

Just remember, everyone gets their due….good and bad, but fireworks are best viewed from a distance.

Keep your nose clean…

Smooch Out!



How many words do you need, really?

Let it go.

How many times have you had someone say that to you?

Isn’t it amazing that the most impactful and sometimes difficult things we have to do are associated with sentences that are so small?

Let it go

I love you

I am sorry

You are perfect

I love myself

Just do it

The words are few. The message is simple. Tiny phrases full of concentrated feelings and conflict and impact. Rogers and Hart wrote a song called “Three Little Words”…the last line of the song went…

Three little words

Eight little letters

That simply mean

I love you….

No simplicity in that, right? I love you…that’s just the beginning. You have to wrestle around the “I forgive you” in that, and the “I respect you” and don’t forget the “ I appreciate you”. It is a simple message alright, a simple message that carries a big stick.

Our excuses for not accomplishing the three word phrases are always longer. As we say them, we often feel the thin veil of them. It’s like we had to glitter up the flimsy excuse with more letters, we had to dress it up for the judges. It needs to be more attractive, somehow…and so we add arm and hand gestures for passion and believability.

If I was thinner – cringe and shoulder up to the ear

If I had gone to college – hands out and head down

I don’t want to get hurt again – shake head and clutch pears

I still care too much – raise eyebrows, shake head and place hand on tummy

If I had more money-  furrow brow, pout

I have bills to pay- make eyes big, stick neck out , stick hand out…palm up

I am too busy- hand on head, roll eyes back

The truth is always simple, and as the Bible and Dolly Parton tell us, “the truth will set you free.”

I have faced a great many truths in the last year. Many were painful and many were not my choice to see. I am grateful for the lessons of them. They have and continue to make me stronger.

I faced a new truth this week. When the Universe gives you a road to follow and you decide to put your cosmic convertible on it and drive like a crazy woman…don’t look back. That whole pillar of salt thing…baby that was easy street. The real pain and punishment comes from that obnoxious thing called life that catches you looking in the rear view mirror for too long and then snaps your behind with a cosmic wet towel. Does it sting? You know it does. Ouch, Universe. Lesson learned. Cord Cut. Love Sent. Self Loved.

Wow, shorter sentences….look how that worked. So what is the lesson for us, sinners?  Could it be that Universal truth doesn’t need a lot of idle prattle? Or…could it be that we get so tangled up in our fear and all of those lower vibrations and we try to disguise that by making a noisy distraction? Whatever the lesson or the reason…I am gonna say that taking the lesson on the chin and doing your best to stay true to your purpose, difficult or not makes life easier.

Oh…and my hard truth for the week…sometimes the people and places that you have loved in the past may not have changed as much as you have. They may never change and may never hope to change. Different energies sometimes cannot tolerate one another, even though they did at one time. If you look back in that rearview mirror and see someone behind you has some lower level road rage, try not to take it personally. We all know what mirrors do. They reflect. So before your flip the cosmic bird to that car behind you, try to remember that you might be seeing a reflection of a part of yourself. Recognize it and adjust accordingly. Then go ahead and put your top back down, rip that mirror off and keep moving down that road. Remember, the higher the hair to closer to God…and the closer to God….the more you are gonna need some swinging sunglasses.

Cruise On, Y’all

Smooch out and a squirrel’s tail on the antenna!



Duality/Singularity or Loving all sides of yourself so your ball rolls straight.

We live in a world of opposites.

Good /bad




The thing about opposites is…they define one another. You really cannot have one without the other.

When we define different aspects of ourselves…then we must look closely at the all sides of each aspect.

You gotta have a little bit of yin and ya gotta have a little bit of yang.

Embracing all sides of ourselves is imperative to live fully and in the present. If there is an aspect of ourselves that we deny or ignore…it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t there….it simply means that it is lying there unattended and developing on its own…like a mischievous kid locked away in a candy store…it is going to thrive on the sugary delight of being left unattended and it is going to get fat….and it’s little teeth are going to get rotten ….and before too long one of those teeth are going to start to hurt and that little fat rotten toothed kid is going to come to the surface…and you won’t know that it’s coming…because you haven’t acknowledged that kid in a long time. You didn’t want to embrace that mischief maker in the beginning, and now he won’t be ignored because he never went away.

A good example is….those terrible stories of televangelists with their secret affairs with their secretary’s or the genius that goes completely mad….and we don’t want to talk about Catholic Priests…

Even when Anne Rice was delving deeply into the dark side she was suddenly overtaken by the light.

It is all about the balance. We have all these different aspects of ourselves within us…it is very important to acknowledge them and balance them.

The positive qualities that we possess…they are terrific. Really

The negative qualities that we possess, really equally as terrific.

I know you are scrunching your eyebrows together at that…but here is why:

The negative qualities define the good qualities….when they pop up, they make us look at ourselves and make adjustments to a more positive way….they define the good in us…sometimes our negative aspects shock us into making quick changes to our way of acting and thinking. So you see, you gotta love that little negative aspect. It is really there as a barometer for you to measure where you really are and make behavior changes accordingly.

I always say, “You know your poison, you know your antidote.”

Let’s talk about my particular brand of poison….just as an honest example.

I have an incredibly sharp and dangerously toxic wit. I got it honestly from my Mother. I am a little ashamed of it, but I have to tell you right now that I enjoy it too. Many a poisonous banter sessions with like witted friends and family have resulted in gales of mean girl laughter that lighten our spirits and leave us panting and gasping at how bad we are.

This brand of caustic humor is hurtful if used randomly and without care. It is mean spirited, and I hate to think of myself as mean spirited. After all, I am all about the love. If I think about it, I really don’t mean those ugly things I say. But they can be….well, funny. I do really come from a place of love in most every instance of my life…I just can’t seem to stop this delightfully wicked behavior.

I saw how detrimental this behavior is. It was bad for my friends, it was really bad for me and it was just leading me down a pathway to negativity and bitterness. Not what I wanted to be. Once I realized its power, it shocked me for awhile. I tried to stop. I couldn’t, it just kept creeping back in. I struggled and so I did what I always do when something or someone is causing me grief.  I embraced it. Yep, I gave that mean girl a big old hug and told her that I loved her creativity and flair. That creativity was apparent in many of the positive things that I do…and I figured it was connected in some way.

These days, I only do this activity with one friend who is very much like minded. She is very spiritually grounded and has an even quicker wit than I do.  We get together, rip things apart and we laugh heartily the whole time. The thing is this….we don’t really mean what we say….we say that we are sorry and we move on.

So, I never use this banter in everyday life…I don’t. To hurt someone’s feelings in reality would send me into a pearl clutching fit. I realize that I have this quality about me. I let that mean girl free a little bit in controlled situations and I let her help me define the good communication qualities that I possess and also define the ones that I can work on to better myself and stay in love in all situations.

I embrace both sides of my personality….I am aware of the bad. I am aware of the good. Hooray…no more duality. It is singularity all the way.

So what does this Duality and Singularity mean?

Well, we just talked about it a little.

To live in Duality means that you have two sides of yourself…two opposing factors. Good/Bad, Happy/Sad…and all of the ones that don’t rhyme too…and you live in each one separately.

Living in singularity means that you recognize all sides and incorporate them all appropriately into your life…loving and learning from them all.

We need to love all sides of ourselves. They are all a part of that Divine You, how can you not love it?

Don’t stop at the “good and bad”…no no…Move on to sanity/insanity, male/female, truth/dishonesty, and silliness/seriousness.

It is appreciation of self in totality. It is a picnic on a cliff in Mindfulness Park. Open up the picnic basket and see what it inside. Just remember, it is all about the love.

Fabulous Book Suggestion:  THE DANCE OF THE OPPOSITES- by Dr. Rudy Scarfallato



A thousand words…

I dig Facebook.

I love to rummage about in the lives that we all throw out so freely. The humor and the drama and the memories of times gone by…really it is better than a color TV with cable.

Something that I have seen on Facebook lately, that I am totally loving…is that whole 365 thing.

The dealio is that everyday for a year, you take a picture and post it. I love it. I love the idea. I love the pictures…and I love that this little game allows folks to stop for a moment and really look at something. It is a total electronic version of “stop and smell the roses”.

A moment of mindfulness. A little digital time capsule.

I have seen snow laden branches, cozy fireplaces, sleeping pets and stunning landscapes…little glimpses into the lives of the people I call friends. I feel as if I connect to their energy in these small snapshots. Like I am privy to a secret little window into their lives. In fact, I recently saw a picture of some very cute dogs with an accidental underwear capture. eeee…gotta take the good with the bad. That is life! LOL!!

Sharing the good times of their lives warms my hearts and makes me remember that my life has some pretty sweet spots too. So in posting these little mindful moments, all of your friends are given the opportunity to have a mindful moment of their own. Connecting with one another, it is important right now.

So, keep posting….I am loving it! I wish I would have started it on Jan 1. I wonder if I can do a 351 thing?

Oh! Just a little pimpage here…I will be at Patti Starr’s Berea Event on the March 25th weekend. Go check it out. It looks to be awesome. There are some meals included in the price…and let me tell you right here, those folks know how to cook!!  Paranormal Investigations, fabulous shopping and some darned good eating. Sounds like a large time to this old girl. Check out Patti’s site. http://www.ghosthunter.com

Oh..keep clicking and posting!

Smooch Out!!



The Snowy South

Ok…WOW! When all my southern friends told me that a little snow caused the big ATL to shut down…they were so not exaggerating!

Today, I am sitting on my little home office perch in the second floor window, watching those who have cause or want or just cabin fever to get out in the slippery stuff.  It is a little funny to me, how the slow slow south, suddenly picks up its tempo when the weather gets bad. Perhaps if they would take a quick rethink, they would realize that the slow pace of the summer is exactly what keeps one upright in the winter. Well, a slow pace and a tightly clenched pair of buttocks.

The snowfall has been pretty. It always amazes me how nature redecorates throughout the year. That big gum tree outside my window was lovely this spring as it budded up in promise of shade from the sun. Then how gorgeous when it burst forth in all of its glory those lovely green leaves swayed in the sun. The autumn showed me an entirely different color palette and distracted me with those lovely bursts of rust and and gold falling gently to the ground. Today, that tree is bare with just a few of those spikey little balls in a red brown color, but glimmering with ice on the branches that radiate silver in the light of the street lamp.

So, here I sit, a transplanted snow drop amongst the crepe myrtle and the grand magnolias, and I am grateful for the hospitality that the great south has shown this northern girl with the slight Kentucky drawl. That hot sun warmed me clean through, and I showed my full face to that hot little blister in the sky in full gratitude. It welcomed me home and pushed that old cold winter right out of my bones. Now, like a mother who knows best, the south provides a little winter weather to make the season feel a little more like home. I didn’t think I was going to miss that snow and slush, but part of me was glad to see it. I am, however, truly thankful that I do not have to go out in it. Those big fluffy white flakes of snow were so beautiful, and the ice that hangs on the branches of that gum tree in front of me look like a coating of diamond.  It was nice to take in the actual beauty of it and not have to go out to struggle against it.

Today I am full of gratitude. My friends post videos of their sledding children and pictures of crooked snow people, and I smile. I smile because I remember being one of those snow eating, sled riding babies making snow people and I loved it. I say thank you to Spirit for allowing me that childhood in the cold north. I follow that up with another gratitude for the warm slow south and that hot sun that will again this summer, warm me clear through with every pop my flip flop makes to the bottom of my heel.

I say thank you to all of my friends that have shared the fun and the laughter of their children as they play in their snow filled yards, and shared the pictures of the joy on their faces posed next to their snow creations. Y’all are a riot. Thanks for reminding me that snow is fun and beautiful, just like you all.

One last gratitude….Thank you Jesus that it doesn’t stay cold very long in Georgia!!!

Y’all try to stay upright and warm. I’ll see you when they reopen the road again!

Big Love

Smooch Out!




2011 – Old Girl does New Tricks

Happy New Year Love Monkey’s!

I know that I am a couple or three days over schedule, but better late than never…I always say. Besides, it IS a new year until sometime after February, I think…or whenever the last person takes their tree down. 🙂

I hate to be an excuse maker, but I have one for being late and it is a good one. Really…a good one.

I had the flu. I did. I was tested and everything. I went to the Urgent Care ( North Atlanta Urgent Care to be exact) While I was there I received the most comprehensive care EVAH…I mean really EVAH.

I went in with a fever and before you can say …well, before you can say the Gettysburg Address ( it was packed in that waiting room)

but really as quick as they could, those fabulous people had taken my blood pressure, my temperature and shoved a stick way the heck up my nose  and declared “THE FLU”. I got a breathing treatment, a shot in the caboose and a handful of prescriptions. Even with all that care…it has taken nearly two weeks for me to get completely better. I am still coughing, but I am better.

So you see….way excellent note from the doctor on this late thingy with the new year and all. 🙂

So I am interested in what all of you have decided for your 2011.

Last year I totally set aside the whole “resolution” thing and decided to go more with the “Intention” thing. It worked well for me last year, and I am going with it again this year. It ain’t broke…know what I mean?

So….I got in the tub…and I called in my Cosmic possee, and we all put our two cents in and have come up with our answers…

Garrod ( big fabulous guide, who reminds me a little of a young Robert Redford mixed with a little Clinton Kelly from “what not to wear”) says…..more meditation…and more fruit Susan…less refined sugar, sugar…I have been saying it for what seems like forever. I say..okay Garrod…weight watchers fo sheezy. 🙂

Isabelle ( short crazy guide that always has some kind of bird of prey with her) says….It is time to put the negativity of the last year behind you and move on to being Susan again. What is it that you need to do to get your message out? Where do you stand to speak the spiritual truths that are given to you. I say, okie dokie Isabelle…and keep that bird on your arm….it is freaking me out a little. I say Susan gets a show of her own this year. All by herself….well, with guests too. Yeah….that sounds like a good thing. Maybe I will accept a couple of those speaking offers too.  What is that? A new idea for a book….okay….that too.

So, now I set my intention. I write down the positive things that I will need. I put them by my mirror and say them in the morning and in the evening.

I am a bright and beautiful child of God, I speak his love and his truth. I am true to myself and to what I believe is real. Only love is real. I deserve to have love, and abundance , peace, success and happiness in the best and easiest ways. I love myself as I love the world, through the love and light of the Spirit. I am totally going to ROCK this day!!

What is your intention? You can steal mine if you want. I will be glad to help you on your way.

So, Happy 2011….time is ticking….what is on your spiritual to do list?

Big Love to you!! Smooch Out!


Martha Stewart Glitter and a Holiday Wish

Happy Holiday Snow Babies!

Ok…snow babies up north! I am now in the land of no snow for the holidays. I have had to chuckle a little at these southern folk. Last week the Universe did blow a little cosmic dandruff down upon us all. Stores closed early, traffic went nuts, milk and bread flew off the shelves and all my little friends did precious  happy dances as they threw handfulls of sand on the ground with all the care and love they could muster.

Me…I was cracking up and over happy because I’d not had need to really put on my coat yet. Ahhh..the south. 🙂 I am truly grateful. I know back in the Bluegrass, folks are shoveling and pinching their behinds together to try to stay upright on the ice. I have always said that I believe the people from places that get wintery weather probably have the best booties in the world from all of the butt clenching they have to do on the ice. I fully expect some saggage come spring from lack of working it. Oh well, everything has it’s downside, especially backsides.

But, I have to say that as much as I hate getting out in that slushy, slippery, cold as a well diggers boots weather…twinkle lights on houses just don’t look the same without seeing them through the fog of your breath. I suppose I had never noticed that I was my own special effect generator for holiday memories, but that seems to be the case.  This year, I actually noticed when I could see my breath. In fact, I think it was the first time I played with my freezer breath since I was in elementary school…pretending I was smoking with all my girls, doncha know.

Wintery weather was always special as a child. My knees didn’t hurt back then and I rarely had to shovel or scrape a windshied, so it was big fun. But the best part was that it marked a very a special time of year. When you are a kid, it is all about the lights and the special programs on tv and presents…yes the presents. As an adult it is still a special time. Time for magic and bad sweaters. It is that wonderful month when being tacky is smiled at instead of frowned upon. It is also a time to gather close friends to you and tell them that you love them and appreciate them.

It is also a time for disappointment and resentment and stress and sorrow. Sorry, I know I poured cold water on the warm fire of the blog, but I want to extend a wish. The holidays can be hard on people. I am finding that this year, it is a little hard on me. So many people that I have spent holidays with are no longer close to me, or have gone their own way. I thought about them all as I put the Martha Stewar glitter balls on my tree. I remembered my daughter as a small child being excited as I strung lights. I remember being a small child myself and being excited as my mother strung her lights. So I am sending out love to all of you and a wish for the holidays.

It is my wish that each and every one of you reading this knows that you are loved. You are a fabulous creation made of that same spiritual DNA as Spirit. You are love. Please remember that as you struggle and hurry to make sure that your loved one’s have all the sugar plum dreams and tasty and lovely realities….you need to love yourself through it too. Be kind to you. Don’t forget to check in with yourself and make sure you are okay. If you aren’t, then make an adjustment. Call someone that you love and tell them how you feel. Call a friend and say Happy Holiday….or put on a tacky sweater and go on a hunt for the most ridiculously decorated house. If you want some company, call me. It is my favorite thing to do, and I think I am wearing out Sondra. 🙂

( She has been a really good sport about it, honestly.)

So as I close out this blog, I am sending big giant sparkly love wrapped in twinkle lights and dusted with Martha’s glitter…it really is the best. From my home to your’s…..Happy Holiday’s and all the best for 2011.

Sincerely and from the bottom of my size 4x heart,


When life gives you lemons, make lemon-aid.

Ok..so what if life hands you a big bag of crap? What are you gonna make with that? There’s a perplexer…for sure. Nobody makes quaint little cliché’s about a bag of crap. No sir. In fact, if you are standing around with a big bag of crap in your hands, people are gonna steer clear of you. They will not want to hug you, play with you or even stand close to you. Nobody wants to get crap on them. That is just the cold hard truth.

That is how I feel today. Like I have a thin brown paper bag full of crap. Where did I get it, you ask? Well, I have a bad habit of allowing people to give it to me. I don’t ever seem to refuse it. Now, here I stand…and I just noticed that there is a little rip in my bag. Uh oh.

 Yeah, I know I am supposed to be all inspiring and stuff, and I think I am working toward it. Hang in there with me and let see where this thing goes.

So, back to the big bag full of crap. I look at the crap and it is some ugly stuff. It is big stinky too. It makes me have a frowny face. Just thinking about all of the ways that I got this bag of crap makes me sad, and mad and all taken advantage of and oppressed and all of that miserable lot. The bag of crap has no purpose. Hell, it doesn’t even match my shoes. I am carrying a stinky ugly bag that doesn’t match my shoes and it is leaky. I cry about it. I whine about it. I hope that someone will come and help me with it….just fix the leak for me anyway. By the time I go through all of this, my energy is low.

ok ok….psychic Suzy knows that it isn’t cosmically healthy to vibrate at a low frequency. Dammit….I gotta do something about it, after all I preach this stuff to everyone who will listen. Like does attract like. It does. So, as I roll my eyes around in my head in a teenaged dramatic fashion…I begin to crank that energy knob on my forehead up a few notches.

Aaahhh better. Brighter. What is this in my hands? oooo yeah…the bag of crap.

I look at the crap. Most of it is not my crap. I sort my crap from the other crap and make a plan to fix my crap. Ok….it is up to me. I got that covered…I can do it. I feel better. Now what about the rest of this crap?

Well….hmmm…..I see a few lessons in there. I see a few things I learned from the people that gave me the crap. I see how I never want to respond to things or treat people. Good things to realize for sure. I see some guilt. I see some self esteem issues that are actually not my own. I see some little games…I see…..glimmering…..at the bottom of the bag……an idea.

The Crap was IDEA FERTILIZER! Hooray!!

Cue music:” Believe it or not I’m walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free. …..who can it beeee….believe it or not it’s just me…”

Yeah….me with a message. Me with a purpose. Me remembering that It’s all about the love.

Thanks guys for walking me through this.

I love you all like a kitty loves a low hung ornament!

Smooch Out!


Is blood thicker than water, really? Or…when does water become blood? Or..when does blood become water?

Yeah, I’m thinking again. Dangerous pastime, no doubt.

You all know the saying, “Blood is thicker than water.”

I am sure that you understand the meaning of that phrase to be that family ties are always stronger than friendship ties.

My partner Sondra has a fabulous family. The love and the warmth that comes from these good southern people wraps around you like a pre warmed electric blanket on a cold night. You feel loved, you feel supported and you feel wanted, really wanted. It is nice….and the cooking isn’t so bad either 🙂

Now, I fully understand that I am water in this bloodline, but they never let me feel that. For that, I am very grateful. My family, my blood…well that is quite a different story.

Powerful and passionate, artistic and sensitive is my family. We are full of psychics, alcoholics, artists and healers. Many of these esoteric talents are not well accepted in my family because of the alcoholic tendencies of the folks that exhibited them. But, like we all know…a great many psychic people love those sorts of ingestibles that either dull or slow down the senses. I am not a big drinker, but I do love some sugar.  It makes it easier to get by, I imagine. I also have had some of my sensitive relatives that have gone up a few branches of the crazy tree by the time that they grew old. I am trying ferociously to keep grounded and to learn some methods to keep at least a couple of these painted toes firmly on the ground. ( I actually just thought that painting your toes is a very physical act and probably does provide some grounding in some fabulous fashionable way…yay!) My family suffers from difficult pasts and hard coming ups…and they struggle with relationships together and with others. I love them, but I understand that I am too sensitive to be a part of that swirling frenetic energy. They are beautiful and talented people who I love greatly, but do best at loving from a distance. AND… If any of my family reads this I am just gonna say…”Of course I am NOT talking about you…YOU’RE the exception.” 🙂  I do love them. I do.

But my point is this: When does the water turn to blood or vice versa?

We get married, or we partner. That person is not only counted on your friend hand, but now also on your family hand. Did they immediately change from water to blood? Did they really change? I mean divorce changes everything. So, then does blood instantly turn to water?

or did it take a while?

Did we go from “Hello My name is my name and you’re water” and bat our eyes and share our thoughts and secrets and dreams of the future and kiss and hug and fight and laugh to “Hello My name is our name and we’re blood” over a course of time and a tingly mixes of our energies?

Yeah, it took time. It took time to recognize the connection. It took time to fall in love. It took time to trust. But it also takes time to break down those trust bonds and connections and to thin that blood back down to water.

Some of our friends do become family to us. Blood or not, they are like family. Some of our family members do not treat us in good ways…and blood or not…they fall to water.

I have found on the pathway of my life that friendships come and go….but I do have a handful of steadfast and true friends that I truly call family. There are my blood and my light.

I have also found that I do have a handful of family that are true and steadfast that I can truly call a friend. They are my blood and my light.

Sitting to the right of me is a new member of my bloodline. Our connection is strong. As I think of all that we have been through to have forge this bond, I am led to think of all of the connections that have been forged and broken, or at least watered down….and I am grateful. Grateful to have known and loved them and learned from them, because every person that I love gives me a great gift. And as I think of them, I realize that we are all still connected, blood or water….we all have the same spiritual DNA that binds us. We are all the same Divine energy. I recognize that spark in all….and it is a much greater connection than either blood or water. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can be changed…..but never destroyed…and neither can love, because it’s the only real thing, right? Of course, right.

love you meeces to pieces

Smooch Out