How many words do you need, really?

Let it go.

How many times have you had someone say that to you?

Isn’t it amazing that the most impactful and sometimes difficult things we have to do are associated with sentences that are so small?

Let it go

I love you

I am sorry

You are perfect

I love myself

Just do it

The words are few. The message is simple. Tiny phrases full of concentrated feelings and conflict and impact. Rogers and Hart wrote a song called “Three Little Words”…the last line of the song went…

Three little words

Eight little letters

That simply mean

I love you….

No simplicity in that, right? I love you…that’s just the beginning. You have to wrestle around the “I forgive you” in that, and the “I respect you” and don’t forget the “ I appreciate you”. It is a simple message alright, a simple message that carries a big stick.

Our excuses for not accomplishing the three word phrases are always longer. As we say them, we often feel the thin veil of them. It’s like we had to glitter up the flimsy excuse with more letters, we had to dress it up for the judges. It needs to be more attractive, somehow…and so we add arm and hand gestures for passion and believability.

If I was thinner – cringe and shoulder up to the ear

If I had gone to college – hands out and head down

I don’t want to get hurt again – shake head and clutch pears

I still care too much – raise eyebrows, shake head and place hand on tummy

If I had more money-  furrow brow, pout

I have bills to pay- make eyes big, stick neck out , stick hand out…palm up

I am too busy- hand on head, roll eyes back

The truth is always simple, and as the Bible and Dolly Parton tell us, “the truth will set you free.”

I have faced a great many truths in the last year. Many were painful and many were not my choice to see. I am grateful for the lessons of them. They have and continue to make me stronger.

I faced a new truth this week. When the Universe gives you a road to follow and you decide to put your cosmic convertible on it and drive like a crazy woman…don’t look back. That whole pillar of salt thing…baby that was easy street. The real pain and punishment comes from that obnoxious thing called life that catches you looking in the rear view mirror for too long and then snaps your behind with a cosmic wet towel. Does it sting? You know it does. Ouch, Universe. Lesson learned. Cord Cut. Love Sent. Self Loved.

Wow, shorter sentences….look how that worked. So what is the lesson for us, sinners?  Could it be that Universal truth doesn’t need a lot of idle prattle? Or…could it be that we get so tangled up in our fear and all of those lower vibrations and we try to disguise that by making a noisy distraction? Whatever the lesson or the reason…I am gonna say that taking the lesson on the chin and doing your best to stay true to your purpose, difficult or not makes life easier.

Oh…and my hard truth for the week…sometimes the people and places that you have loved in the past may not have changed as much as you have. They may never change and may never hope to change. Different energies sometimes cannot tolerate one another, even though they did at one time. If you look back in that rearview mirror and see someone behind you has some lower level road rage, try not to take it personally. We all know what mirrors do. They reflect. So before your flip the cosmic bird to that car behind you, try to remember that you might be seeing a reflection of a part of yourself. Recognize it and adjust accordingly. Then go ahead and put your top back down, rip that mirror off and keep moving down that road. Remember, the higher the hair to closer to God…and the closer to God….the more you are gonna need some swinging sunglasses.

Cruise On, Y’all

Smooch out and a squirrel’s tail on the antenna!



Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

2 thoughts on “How many words do you need, really?

  1. OK, you must have caught my vibes! Been fighting with the old and new me all week long.
    When speaking to my ‘teacher’ I confronted her with this question of duality between the “old me” and the “new me”, and she told me a story.
    There was a young boy who came to his father and said “I keep having this nightmare, and in it, there is a big white dog, fluffy and cuddly and loving. He loves me and I love him. Then there is a black dog…he scares me, growls at me, tries to bite me and he won’t go away. Grampa, what should I do?” and the Grandfather said “My sweet boy…FEED THE WHITE DOG, soon the black dog will get hungry and leave.”
    I now concentrate on feeding the white dog!!
    In the past year, I have changed so much that the people I used to spend my time with don’t have any idea what to do with me, nor do I know what to do with them. It is now a time of adjustment…a time to grow! Not easy, but well worth it.

    Thank you Susan!

    Much LOVE!

  2. Kudo’s Meg…you redheaded wondergirl. I will challenge you a bit, just cuz I am like that and all

    if you only feed the white dog, will the black dog really get hungry and go away?
    or…will the black dog grow mean while your back is turned and bite you hard in your backside when you least expect it?
    There is a wonderful book on the previous blog called “The Dance of the Opposites” It makes a ton of sense.
    Love you girl!

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