Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mother Love

Q:How many times can a mother’s heart break before it shatters into  a million pieces? A: Put your big girl panties on, it won’t shatter, it just gets bigger until it bursts with pride.   I don’t talk about her publicly. That is mostly because I don’t have permission to run her business round town. […]

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The Importance of Being Important

I wasn’t going to write about this. I wasn’t. But I feel like I need to, because a lot of people who I know and love have been in the habit of making people feel less than important and unloved and unwanted. Maybe they know they do it, like a mean girl in high school….but […]

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Honk Honk..honk that horn

I hate to say “hate”. I do, really I do. but I am gonna say that Atlanta traffic makes me go there. Holy Crapasaurus Rex, y’all. I have never in my whole life seen such anger and language and SIGN language (of the inappropriate variety) in all of my driving days! The anger is really […]

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