2011 – Old Girl does New Tricks

Happy New Year Love Monkey’s!

I know that I am a couple or three days over schedule, but better late than never…I always say. Besides, it IS a new year until sometime after February, I think…or whenever the last person takes their tree down. 🙂

I hate to be an excuse maker, but I have one for being late and it is a good one. Really…a good one.

I had the flu. I did. I was tested and everything. I went to the Urgent Care ( North Atlanta Urgent Care to be exact) While I was there I received the most comprehensive care EVAH…I mean really EVAH.

I went in with a fever and before you can say …well, before you can say the Gettysburg Address ( it was packed in that waiting room)

but really as quick as they could, those fabulous people had taken my blood pressure, my temperature and shoved a stick way the heck up my nose  and declared “THE FLU”. I got a breathing treatment, a shot in the caboose and a handful of prescriptions. Even with all that care…it has taken nearly two weeks for me to get completely better. I am still coughing, but I am better.

So you see….way excellent note from the doctor on this late thingy with the new year and all. 🙂

So I am interested in what all of you have decided for your 2011.

Last year I totally set aside the whole “resolution” thing and decided to go more with the “Intention” thing. It worked well for me last year, and I am going with it again this year. It ain’t broke…know what I mean?

So….I got in the tub…and I called in my Cosmic possee, and we all put our two cents in and have come up with our answers…

Garrod ( big fabulous guide, who reminds me a little of a young Robert Redford mixed with a little Clinton Kelly from “what not to wear”) says…..more meditation…and more fruit Susan…less refined sugar, sugar…I have been saying it for what seems like forever. I say..okay Garrod…weight watchers fo sheezy. 🙂

Isabelle ( short crazy guide that always has some kind of bird of prey with her) says….It is time to put the negativity of the last year behind you and move on to being Susan again. What is it that you need to do to get your message out? Where do you stand to speak the spiritual truths that are given to you. I say, okie dokie Isabelle…and keep that bird on your arm….it is freaking me out a little. I say Susan gets a show of her own this year. All by herself….well, with guests too. Yeah….that sounds like a good thing. Maybe I will accept a couple of those speaking offers too.  What is that? A new idea for a book….okay….that too.

So, now I set my intention. I write down the positive things that I will need. I put them by my mirror and say them in the morning and in the evening.

I am a bright and beautiful child of God, I speak his love and his truth. I am true to myself and to what I believe is real. Only love is real. I deserve to have love, and abundance , peace, success and happiness in the best and easiest ways. I love myself as I love the world, through the love and light of the Spirit. I am totally going to ROCK this day!!

What is your intention? You can steal mine if you want. I will be glad to help you on your way.

So, Happy 2011….time is ticking….what is on your spiritual to do list?

Big Love to you!! Smooch Out!



Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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