Monthly Archives: May 2012

10 Things I learned on Vacation…

We just rolled back into town from our week at the beach. It was a rowdy assed time, y’all. I mean…you know…for the over 40 crowd who have developed a strong taste for comfort over speed. 🙂 I swam in the ocean, and the pool. I saw more than enough oceanic wildlife to make me […]

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Being a Mother is a Mother…

Let me start this thing off by saying “Happy Mother’s day!” I hope that you all find trinkets and treasures among the hand made gifts and cards that you receive on this day. They are truly the best gifts ever. Today my brow is furrowed. My heart is a little heavy with worry this mother’s […]

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You have to be carefully taught…

Yes, I am an old musical junkie. Even though I was solidly surrounded by country music all throughout my childhood, somewhere, somehow I fell in love with musical theater. I ate those old movies and records like candy. I even grew up to sing professionally and participated in more musicals than I can count….all before […]

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