The Snowy South

Ok…WOW! When all my southern friends told me that a little snow caused the big ATL to shut down…they were so not exaggerating!

Today, I am sitting on my little home office perch in the second floor window, watching those who have cause or want or just cabin fever to get out in the slippery stuff.  It is a little funny to me, how the slow slow south, suddenly picks up its tempo when the weather gets bad. Perhaps if they would take a quick rethink, they would realize that the slow pace of the summer is exactly what keeps one upright in the winter. Well, a slow pace and a tightly clenched pair of buttocks.

The snowfall has been pretty. It always amazes me how nature redecorates throughout the year. That big gum tree outside my window was lovely this spring as it budded up in promise of shade from the sun. Then how gorgeous when it burst forth in all of its glory those lovely green leaves swayed in the sun. The autumn showed me an entirely different color palette and distracted me with those lovely bursts of rust and and gold falling gently to the ground. Today, that tree is bare with just a few of those spikey little balls in a red brown color, but glimmering with ice on the branches that radiate silver in the light of the street lamp.

So, here I sit, a transplanted snow drop amongst the crepe myrtle and the grand magnolias, and I am grateful for the hospitality that the great south has shown this northern girl with the slight Kentucky drawl. That hot sun warmed me clean through, and I showed my full face to that hot little blister in the sky in full gratitude. It welcomed me home and pushed that old cold winter right out of my bones. Now, like a mother who knows best, the south provides a little winter weather to make the season feel a little more like home. I didn’t think I was going to miss that snow and slush, but part of me was glad to see it. I am, however, truly thankful that I do not have to go out in it. Those big fluffy white flakes of snow were so beautiful, and the ice that hangs on the branches of that gum tree in front of me look like a coating of diamond.  It was nice to take in the actual beauty of it and not have to go out to struggle against it.

Today I am full of gratitude. My friends post videos of their sledding children and pictures of crooked snow people, and I smile. I smile because I remember being one of those snow eating, sled riding babies making snow people and I loved it. I say thank you to Spirit for allowing me that childhood in the cold north. I follow that up with another gratitude for the warm slow south and that hot sun that will again this summer, warm me clear through with every pop my flip flop makes to the bottom of my heel.

I say thank you to all of my friends that have shared the fun and the laughter of their children as they play in their snow filled yards, and shared the pictures of the joy on their faces posed next to their snow creations. Y’all are a riot. Thanks for reminding me that snow is fun and beautiful, just like you all.

One last gratitude….Thank you Jesus that it doesn’t stay cold very long in Georgia!!!

Y’all try to stay upright and warm. I’ll see you when they reopen the road again!

Big Love

Smooch Out!




Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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