Monthly Archives: April 2011

and the race is on….

Ok y’all… I am wrestling today, I swear. I am a 45 year old women ( please insert the “you don’t loooook 45″ comment here. Really, please) I am grown. I pay my own bills. I have raised my own child. I have made major purchases at major department stores with major credit cards…hell I […]

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In Sugar Wars, Princess Leah would have big honey buns on the sides of her head.

Mother is at war, boys and girls. Really… at war with myself, at war with the past and most of all…at war with those Dolly Madison trucks that tool down the highway with pictures of donuts on the back of their trailers. I was behind one today on the way to work and found myself […]

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The New Athwiit

Ok….I am not athletic. I never have been. You can ask any of the folks that grew up with me…they will smile and tell you that Susan has never  been picked first for any sport on any team ever. I hated gym. I really did. Changing clothes in the middle of my day, sweating off […]

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