Monthly Archives: July 2011

Defining Relationships…it’s so easy a five year old can do it.

Gosh…it was so easy on the playground. Friends were the ones that you played with. You got mad at them sometimes, but usually you made up and it was all good. Sometimes you got a little weepy, maybe a little violent…maybe you even ratted them out. It all worked out. Somewhere the dynamics changed. Somehow […]

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Living in the South

Ok…I have been in Georgia for over a year. I am fully in the middle of my second summer. Now, I lived for many years in what I like to refer to as the “psuedo-south. Kentucky is a beautiful state full of very southern accents and lots and lots of good country cooking and southern […]

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Healthy Eats or Trashy Treats….you can be the judge.

Hey there Summer Bunnies! I have to tell you all about a new little pastime that we have taken up here in the Casbah’s kitchen. We are totally making this up, but so far so good, and I so want to the share the goodness with everyone. Ok, so, in Atlanta, we have this little […]

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