Is blood thicker than water, really? Or…when does water become blood? Or..when does blood become water?

Yeah, I’m thinking again. Dangerous pastime, no doubt.

You all know the saying, “Blood is thicker than water.”

I am sure that you understand the meaning of that phrase to be that family ties are always stronger than friendship ties.

My partner Sondra has a fabulous family. The love and the warmth that comes from these good southern people wraps around you like a pre warmed electric blanket on a cold night. You feel loved, you feel supported and you feel wanted, really wanted. It is nice….and the cooking isn’t so bad either ūüôā

Now, I fully understand that I am water in this bloodline, but they never let me feel that. For that, I am very grateful. My family, my blood…well that is quite a different story.

Powerful and passionate, artistic and sensitive is my family. We are full of psychics, alcoholics, artists and healers. Many of these esoteric talents are not well accepted in my family because of the alcoholic¬†tendencies of the folks that exhibited them. But, like we all know…a great many psychic people love those sorts of ingestibles¬†that either dull or slow down the senses. I am not a big drinker, but¬†I do love some sugar. ¬†It makes it easier to get by, I imagine. I also have had some of my sensitive relatives¬†that have gone¬†up a few branches of the¬†crazy tree by the time that they grew old. I am trying ferociously¬†to keep grounded and to learn some methods to keep at least a couple of these painted toes firmly on the ground. ( I actually just thought that painting your toes is a very physical act and probably does provide some grounding in some fabulous fashionable way…yay!) My family suffers from difficult pasts and hard coming ups…and they struggle with relationships together and with others. I love them, but I understand that I am too sensitive to be a part of that swirling frenetic energy. They are beautiful and talented people who I love greatly, but do best at loving from¬†a distance. AND…¬†If any of my family reads this I am just gonna say…”Of course I am NOT talking about you…YOU’RE the exception.” ūüôā¬† I do love them. I do.

But my point is this: When does the water turn to blood or vice versa?

We get married, or we partner. That person is not only counted on your friend hand, but now also on your family hand. Did they immediately change from water to blood? Did they really change? I mean divorce changes everything. So, then does blood instantly turn to water?

or did it take a while?

Did we go from “Hello My name is my name and you’re water” and bat our eyes and share our thoughts and secrets and dreams of the future and kiss and hug and fight and laugh to “Hello My name is our name and we’re blood” over a course of time and a tingly mixes of our energies?

Yeah, it took time. It took time to recognize the connection. It took time to fall in love. It took time to trust. But it also takes time to break down those trust bonds and connections and to thin that blood back down to water.

Some of our friends do become family to us. Blood or not, they are like family. Some of our family members do not treat us in good ways…and blood or not…they fall to water.

I have found on the pathway of my life that friendships come and go….but I do have a handful of steadfast and true friends that I truly call family. There are my blood and my light.

I have also found that I do have a handful of family that are true and steadfast that I can truly call a friend. They are my blood and my light.

Sitting to the right of me is a new member of¬†my bloodline. Our connection is strong. As I think of all that we have been through to have forge this bond, I am led to think of all of the connections that have been forged and broken, or at least watered down….and I am grateful. Grateful to have known and loved them and learned from them, because every person that I love gives me a great gift. And as I think of them, I realize that we are all still connected, blood or water….we all have the same spiritual DNA that binds us. We are all the same Divine energy. I recognize that spark in all….and it is a much greater connection than either blood or water. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can be changed…..but never destroyed…and neither can love, because it’s the only real thing, right? Of course, right.

love you meeces to pieces

Smooch Out


Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

One thought on “Is blood thicker than water, really? Or…when does water become blood? Or..when does blood become water?

  1. Beautiful writing, as always. You are so talented!! And yes, we not only want you as a friend, but love you as family.

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