When life gives you lemons, make lemon-aid.

Ok..so what if life hands you a big bag of crap? What are you gonna make with that? There’s a perplexer…for sure. Nobody makes quaint little cliché’s about a bag of crap. No sir. In fact, if you are standing around with a big bag of crap in your hands, people are gonna steer clear of you. They will not want to hug you, play with you or even stand close to you. Nobody wants to get crap on them. That is just the cold hard truth.

That is how I feel today. Like I have a thin brown paper bag full of crap. Where did I get it, you ask? Well, I have a bad habit of allowing people to give it to me. I don’t ever seem to refuse it. Now, here I stand…and I just noticed that there is a little rip in my bag. Uh oh.

 Yeah, I know I am supposed to be all inspiring and stuff, and I think I am working toward it. Hang in there with me and let see where this thing goes.

So, back to the big bag full of crap. I look at the crap and it is some ugly stuff. It is big stinky too. It makes me have a frowny face. Just thinking about all of the ways that I got this bag of crap makes me sad, and mad and all taken advantage of and oppressed and all of that miserable lot. The bag of crap has no purpose. Hell, it doesn’t even match my shoes. I am carrying a stinky ugly bag that doesn’t match my shoes and it is leaky. I cry about it. I whine about it. I hope that someone will come and help me with it….just fix the leak for me anyway. By the time I go through all of this, my energy is low.

ok ok….psychic Suzy knows that it isn’t cosmically healthy to vibrate at a low frequency. Dammit….I gotta do something about it, after all I preach this stuff to everyone who will listen. Like does attract like. It does. So, as I roll my eyes around in my head in a teenaged dramatic fashion…I begin to crank that energy knob on my forehead up a few notches.

Aaahhh better. Brighter. What is this in my hands? oooo yeah…the bag of crap.

I look at the crap. Most of it is not my crap. I sort my crap from the other crap and make a plan to fix my crap. Ok….it is up to me. I got that covered…I can do it. I feel better. Now what about the rest of this crap?

Well….hmmm…..I see a few lessons in there. I see a few things I learned from the people that gave me the crap. I see how I never want to respond to things or treat people. Good things to realize for sure. I see some guilt. I see some self esteem issues that are actually not my own. I see some little games…I see…..glimmering…..at the bottom of the bag……an idea.

The Crap was IDEA FERTILIZER! Hooray!!

Cue music:” Believe it or not I’m walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free. …..who can it beeee….believe it or not it’s just me…”

Yeah….me with a message. Me with a purpose. Me remembering that It’s all about the love.

Thanks guys for walking me through this.

I love you all like a kitty loves a low hung ornament!

Smooch Out!



Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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