I followed my arrow, and it was a little bent.

Hidee Ho, Campers!  I hope that this little bit of bloggity goodness finds you in the sunshine. Last time I blogged, it was in the deadness of the winter. Today it is a little overcast, but that big ball of blister will be out before I know it. That makes me happy. Sunshine is likeContinue reading “I followed my arrow, and it was a little bent.”

Oh Sugar. Why you gotta treat me so bad?

Hello Love Bunnies….I hope you have all survived the holiday season and are moving back toward the normalcy of regular life. I have been on a Detox program to help with the trembles and shudders of lack of twinkle lights and glitter. It’s a “one day at a time” kinda thing, but I’m getting throughContinue reading “Oh Sugar. Why you gotta treat me so bad?”

Sock or Stocking? Regional or Familial? Who knows? Just bring it on!!

So, today i am at the Phoenix and Dragon. The store is jammed packed with holiday shoppers and I am slip streaming through the customers in my spare time to pick up some “stuffers”.  “Stocking Stuffers” that is what the majority of the world calls them. That name has always been a little funny toContinue reading “Sock or Stocking? Regional or Familial? Who knows? Just bring it on!!”

One day at a time…holidays…one day at a time.

I know that holidays are hectic. Some people seem to get kinder during this time of year and some people tend to get a little meaner. If you are a sensitive type, like me….my feelings seem to get hurt a lot over the holidays. I also tend to beat myself up over things I don’tContinue reading “One day at a time…holidays…one day at a time.”

You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be carefully taught. <=== this is the link to click! This woman says so eloquently what I try to wrap my country head around everyday. I am grateful that I read this. Go back in your little kid head and walk with her on this pathway of learning how to loath her body.Continue reading “You’ve got to be carefully taught.”

Chilly Dog? Say I love you in the warmest way!

Chilly Dog? Say I love you in the warmest way! Ok…if you have a shiver monkey, like we do, you are going to want to dress the pup up. I know that Jasper goes nuts running around the house whining if it is too cold. We have heated beds, space heaters and sweaters ( lotsContinue reading “Chilly Dog? Say I love you in the warmest way!”

Put it up, Light it up, Dress it up….Bottoms up!

O Tanninbed O Tanninbed ….ok I know that’s wrong. It’s Tannenbaum. I’m dreaming of a not so white Christmas…that is the dealio for realio. Mother is PALE, boys and girls. Really…the glow in the dark kind. Anyway, here I am again with another listy thing for our BIG FIRventures! I see so many people postingContinue reading “Put it up, Light it up, Dress it up….Bottoms up!”

Ho Ho Ho in some Stretchy Pants today!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I mean that, I really do. I hope everyone who reads this blog will have a warm, wonderful, twinkly, sparkly, glittery, tasty, tape ripping time this year. I am going to try to do the same. My last blog was a little depressing….ok….growth is painful I KNOW…but let’s have a little funContinue reading “Ho Ho Ho in some Stretchy Pants today!”

What doesn’t kill you….

Life’s a mill and I been through it – Dolly Parton Me and Dolly, we got more in common than big boobs and fake eyelashes. They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I haven’t always agreed with that. I have been through some  ugly things in my lifetime. Big ugly things. Ugly thingsContinue reading “What doesn’t kill you….”