Oh Sugar. Why you gotta treat me so bad?

Hello Love Bunnies….I hope you have all survived the holiday season and are moving back toward the normalcy of regular life. I have been on a Detox program to help with the trembles and shudders of lack of twinkle lights and glitter. It’s a “one day at a time” kinda thing, but I’m getting through it.

I am blogging today to tell you a little story. I kinda feel like I need to, because what happened to me scared the sugar right out of me. (and by sugar, I mean poop, y’all)

Last November I had a little dental issue. I was on some pretty serious antibiotics. Because of the combination of dental procedure and medicine, I got pretty sick. I was out of commission for a full two weeks. After I started feeling better, I started to get what I thought was a standard urinary tract infection ( which shall be referred to as UTI from this point foward)

So I called the dentist and he called me in a prescription for the UTI. I was drinking cranberry juice and tons of water mixed with drink packets. I don’t love the taste of naked water. I swear I can taste every fish bowl I ever had as a kid, in every swallow. So, if I am going to drink a bunch of water, it needs to have something in it. These packets are tasty and sugar free.


They look like the ones above. I didn’t always drink Crystal Light. There were some other varieties of store brands as well.

Now, I usually drink a thirty two ounce jug of water with one packet in it, twice per day. When Mr. UTI came on, I started drinking with a different cup that was 20 oz. It had a lid and a straw and it was cute…that made me feel better. I started drinking four or five of those cups filled with water and a packet. It took about a month and a half to get completely rid of the UTI. So, I just kept on drinking the same amount of water thinking that it was a good thing….a good thing with tasty a packet of flavor.

A week ago, I had a sudden onset of heart palpitations. It was completely out of the blue. I thought maybe it was stress from the holidays or maybe because my mom was having some health issues. The palpitations continued for several days. I was starting to get wiggy about it. The only thing that would settle things down was to drink a Coke. Odd, I know.

So, I did what we always do when we have an issue that is scaring the sugar out of us…we get on the internet and look it up. We found this article


Turns out that aspartame is a vaso constrictor. That means it constricts our arteries that allows our blood to flow as smoothly as Santana plays his gitbox.

Shortness of breath, heart palpitation, weakness, they are all symptoms of high aspartame use. Sounds like poison to me, boys and girls. I don’t know about you, but I am sick to damned death of people trying to poison me. OH MY GOD! Just when I think I am doing something right….BAM…some money grubbing non carer has taken advantage of lack of knowledge and my blind wanting to get it right. Gah…..makes me crazy.

I stopped drinking those packets and went straight back to naked water. It has been three days. Day one so some improvement. Day to saw a marked improvement. Day three…today, I have had like a couple small palpitations, but am pretty much back to normal.

So, I am drinking the fishbowl full time. I suppose it is my guilt that I really taste. Guilt from chasing those goldfish around the bowl and picking them up when I was seven. I may have kissed them too. I’m not swearing to that one though.

Artificial people and artificial ingredients are killers, y’all. I am taking the bull of my life by the horns. If I don’t know how it was made, I am not eating it.

Who’s with me?

Smooch out!



Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

2 thoughts on “Oh Sugar. Why you gotta treat me so bad?

  1. Also Consider the possibility of all the extra water diluting the electrolites in your system which can also cause palpitaions if Sodium, magnesium & potassium are out ot whack.

    1. Karen, I wasn’t savvy enough to think of that one! But I haven’t actually been drinking more water than I had been, just using more packets. I am on day four without any artificial sweeteners and the palpitations have stopped.

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