Singin’ In the Bathtub/ A simple clearing bath for every BODY.

Hello Duckies…

I’ve decided to switch gears with this blog and actually tell you some trick and tips of how to love yourself through it. I’ve been blogging for years about my own struggles in loving myself. So, I thought it was high time that I start sharing some of the tools that I have put in my own toolbox of love.

One of the first thing that we should talk about it energy. I will imagine that if you are looking at a psychic’s website, you may already know what I mean. Everything has energy. You have energy. I have energy. Plants and animals have energy. Spirits are energy. If you are empathic, you sense this energy easily and sometimes intensely. I’m sure you have walked into a place and suddenly felt like you wanted to get out of there. Maybe you get drained when with a certain person, or find that you get irritated without reason, when in a crowd. There is a simple explanation for it…energy.

If we break this down to a simplified way of thinking, we can imagine our skin. I mean our actual skin. Our skin gets oily, or sweaty or grimy on a day to day basis. The more things we touch, the grimier our skin gets. What do we do when that happens? We take a bath, or a shower.

So, our energy is much the same. It stands out from our body at least 6 inches away. When we talk with people our energies touch. When we are and about, our energy picks up the energy of the places we go. The closer we get and the more intimate the contact with some one else, the more of their energy we collect. Why do we do this? Because we are empathic.

Being an empathic person is simultaneously fabulous and difficult. It is beautiful to be able to sense what a person needs. It helps us be better nurturers and healers and parents and spouses. We instinctively know when someone needs a hug, or a hand or just a shoulder to cry on, and because we are healers, we are ready to offer the needed thing.

So what do we do about cleaning our energy? We take a bath.

What? Not a bath taker…well, make a spray out of the listed ingredients below and spray it on you before you shower.

I will say that I believe baths to be superior over shower when it comes to energy clearing.

Below is my favorite home made bath and procedure that I have using for about 15 years. It never ever fails me what my intention is correctly focused.

This bath is what Give Up the Funk bath salt and bath bomb were modeled after.

I love this bath and I take one personally every Saturday night ( whether I need it or not)

Happy Splashing!

Smooch Out!



My Personal Favorite Clearing Bath and Procedure

( You are gonna want to get everything wet from head to toe )

You will need:

2 Lemons ( lemon oil may be substituted, 4 drops)

1/2 cup of Baking Soda

½ cup of Sea Salt ( fine grind)( because sitting in gravel is no one’s idea of a good time.)

3 drops of sage essential oil or any oil that suits you.

1 tub of wonderfully warm water.


Cut and squeeze lemons into bath water

Add additional ingredients

Light the candle and place where you can see it from the tub. Please be sure that it isn’t in front of a fan or a vent.


Say a prayer of significance 3x ( I say the Lord’s Prayer)

Say a prayer to a significant feminine ( I say the Hail Mary) 3x


Get in the tub.


Call in Archangel Uriel

Ask for assistance in connecting to the Divine.

Say, “Thank you.”


Call in Archangel Michael.

Ask that he cut all cords of connection

Ask that all energy that does not serve your highest good be removed from your energy.

Imagine that he is doing these things. See him in your mind doing these things.

Say, “Thank you.”


Call in Archangel Raphael

Ask that all deficits of energy be refilled.

Ask that love be placed in your heart

Ask to receive any healing that is deemed acceptable by the Divine.

Say, “Thank you.”


Call in Archangel Gabriel

Ask to given any messages that your guides or angels my need to give to you.

Ask Gabriel to touch your language so that you may speak love easily.

Say “Thank you.”

Say beginning prayers 3x each

As you ask for assistance. Imagine that the angels are doing these things. Imagine that you see them. Speak to them if you feel the urge.

All the while, it is important to keep an eye on your candle. Watch the flame. If the flame is long and tall and still, you may be getting some Divine assistance. If the candle is flickering, you are more than likely moving energy away from you. That is the point, to get that non beneficial energy away from yours.

Exit tub. Soak no more than twenty minutes.


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I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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