I Can See Clearly Now, The Funk is Gone.

It seems I give this information out fairly regularly during readings, or in the shop. I offer it gladly, because I think it’s important. It’s part of good psychic hygiene. However, I know, at least for me, when someone tells me things while I am out and about, the likelihood of my remembering them is pretty slim. So, I thought it might be nice to be able to hand folks my card and tell them that this info is all in a blog. So, here is the info…you guessed it, all in a blog.

We shall name it “Simple House Clearing” 

Is there a more complicated house clearing? You betcha. However, today we are sticking to the simple and most widely used versions of house clearings. Wondering what the heck I am talking about? Well, we empathic folk tend to pick up energy. We also put out energy in pretty big ways. Not all of this energy is happy sunshiny, awesome day at a shoe sale with free lunch kind of energy. A fair amount of this energy we pick up or manufacture can be angry or sad or fearful or any other of the non happy variety. Lower vibrational energy can really get you down. It is important to handle it and keep your space vibrating at a high frequency. That way YOU are more likely to vibrate at a high frequency. We all know that high vibrations are what keep up healthy, happy and manifesting good stuff. Hooray for the good stuff.

How should you begin? Well, start by cleaning your house. I mean actually cleaning your house. Negative energy loves clutter. Paper clutter especially. So, get your clutter in check. Sweep your floors. Dust your tchotchkes. Do your laundry. Then we can move on to the energy clearing.

Rattling – Shaking the sugar out of the blues

Rattling shakes up stagnant energy. You can purchase rattles made specifically for clearings. You can make your own from a jar of beans or a box of dog treats or a box of cereal. Rattle all over the place, especially in dark or lonely corners or places that don’t see a lot of activity.


Bells do the same thing as rattling. They do have a higher vibration and will for sure bring out any lower vibratory energy that has collected in a space. Please be aware that bells are a high vibration and lower vibrations will not like it, so be sure to be ready to smudge immediately after ringing.

Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls

These bowls can be played in one of two ways: by striking the side of the bowl or by running a mallet continuously around the rim of the bowl. Either will quickly clear lower vibration out of a room. It is always good to spend a few minutes meditating with the bowl to set the intention to move energy before you begin. Play the bowl facing all directions of each room.

Clearing out the energy

Now that you have the energy stirred up, it is time to move it out. Smudging is the number one way to move stagnant energy (please remember that spirits are energy) from a space.

White sage smudge sticks are commonly found in Native American stores or from local metaphysical stores. Yes we have them at Phoenix and Dragon. They are located in the Shaman room. You will also find the rattles and bowls and sweet grass and bells in this area. There are also some great books on smudging and blessing. You develop your own method and practice. It is all about intention, just remember to speak in positives. I would suggest you do this no less than once per month. More if you feel like the energy needs clearing.

Smudging Technique

You will need:

White candle – Your smudge stick is going to go out. I feel like it is much handier and much easier to have a candle to light the sage again, rather than stopping everything and flicking my Bic twenty seven times. Oh and you will need a….

Smudge Stick- That is a bundle of white sage, sometimes with other herbs included.

Something to put the smudge stick out in and also to tap the ashes into. ( some people like to use abalone shells) Use what you have handy that won’t melt or burn. I used an old metal peanut butter lid for years.

Your favorite prayer written out. I use the Lord’s Prayer. You don’t have to pray if that doesn’t fit your belief system. Just write out your intentions so that you can have them handy to read.

You will be starting in the top most corner of your house and you will work down to the lower part of the house. If you have a basement that does not lead to the outside, you might want to have a second person smudging at the same time so that you can meet in the middle. You will need to either crack a window or a door in the last room that you will be smudging. This is where we will move the energy out of the house.

So, you have chosen the first room.

Imagine the room that you are in is a clock. Start at the twelve o’clock position and light the smudge stick. It will smoke thickly. Fan the smoke all over that immediate space and say your prayer and or your intention.

I like to say to say the Lord’s Prayer and then say: I raise the vibration of this room to promote: Love, happiness, peace, harmony, prosperity, joyfulness, laughter and spirituality.

Move clockwise to the one o’clock position. Do the same thing.

Move clockwise around the entire room. If the sage goes out, re-light it with the white candle.

Be sure to fan the smoke all over the room, all the way to the ceiling and in every nook and cranny.

Move to the next room and do the same thing.

Continue through the entire house, ending in the last room. You should finish at the cracked window or door. Say your prayers and or intentions once more in front of the window or door as you fan the smoke out the door or window. Close the window or door.

At this point, I like to either put sea salt down or wipe with lemon juice.

Smudge yourself and everyone in the house.

Smudging moves out the negative energy. You will need to replace that with positive energy.

Follow up smudging by burning sweet grass in every room to bring in positive energy.

And that is that. You should notice a difference in energy and in moods in the house.

Happy Smudging!












Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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