The Man in the Moon is a Lady. Why paying attention to the moon is important.

Hello Darlings! I thought I might sit a bit and talk some about working with the moon cycles. It was a rare thing to understand when I first started walking in the world of the woo woo, but once I understood the power of the moon. I learned fast and started working with the energy of the cycles. I saw how it worked and questioned no more.

We all know that the moon controls the ocean tide. Since we are all made mostly of liquid, it stands to reason that we should be affected by the moon, as well. Ladies, you understand that we cycle ( sorry guys ) basically in the same time line with the moon as well. That whole 20 something day thing, you know.

I talk about working within the moon cycles all the time in Psychic Development Circle. Just to keep it simple, I stick with the new and full moon. There is a lot more to know, so I decided to start blogging about these things. Especially since my line of clearing bath products are made during the moon cycle that best supports their intention.
Each phase of the moon brings with it a special energy for that phase of the “lunar cycle”. So, if you learn to understand the energy that each of these cycles brings, you can gain greater connection with these energies, and that connection can help you in any kind of intention work, mental health work, manifestation work, healing work, meditation and really your over all life in general.

I am listing below some research I have done over the years. I am a crazy person when it comes to writing things like this in pretty journals…so I am sharing with you from those pages. Please understand that this is years of research…if I share what you already know someone else has written, I apologize. These are my own gathering from lots of sources through my years. I didn’t make it up. So, I give all the kudos to all the guru’s from which I have gotten this wisdom. Thank you for it. I use it all the time!

So let’s get started:

New Moon: The new moon is a time for laying out your plan. It is time to ask for things. It’s a grand beginning to a great month. Ask for what you would like to see come into your life in this moon cycle. Be specific and be ready to put a little action toward that goal. I have found that this moon cycle is best for personal growth, healing, new projects, new business. It’s also a fabulous time to get and bless new things in your life. New Moon, New beginning.

First Quarter or Waxing Moon: The Waxing moon is best used for attraction, working on inner love, healing for relationships or working on making yourself more attractive or healing yourself in ways that make you a better partner. What you would like to attract or invite into your life is best done in a waxing moon.

Full Moon: This full moon is a great time to get rid of things that no longer serve us. This full moon is like a spotlight that lights up the challenges and issues in our life. I like to see it as a closet light, in this way. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it is a great time to get rid of the stuff that is clogging up the space where you could be putting some awesome stuff. A full moon is also a good time for creating any kind of protection amulets or blessing medals for protection. You can use this time for releasing old patterns or issues, and open the door for healing by giving energy to positive patterns you’ll put in place. Full moons are also great for divination. If you find that you are a little “stirred up” by a full moon, you may want to examine the challenges you are having in your life. You may be trying to release a pattern that is causing the challenge. Honor your feelings and intuition.

Last Quarter: The Waning moon is a good time to get rid of those things that influence us in a negative way.  Focus on releasing and banning negative emotions, diseases, ailments during this time. This moon cycle is also the prime time for house clearings and clearing bath times, clearing energy from crystals and tools. Please remember that when you remove any energy, you are going to  want to fill the void with a more positive energy. So, it’s a good time to lay out how you are moving forward in a positive way from that point forward. In house clearings, it’s a nice thing to burn a little sweetgrass, diffuse some lavender oil or rose oil.

Dark Moon: The Dark Moon period occurs 3 days prior to the New Moon and it’s the shortest ‘phase’ of the moon. This is the time when you can’t see the moon.  Typically, this is a replenishing time. It’s time to give yourself a break, put some big love back on yourself and recharge your energy. This moon is the reason I created the Big Love bath. It’s time to get in touch with yourself. It’s time to meditate, maybe do some guided visualizations, do some personal divination, get a pedicure, a facial…whatever soothes your spirit or trips the trigger of your inner goddess.

So those are the basics…let’s talk a little about Bonus phases…

Lunar Eclipse: A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow. This kind of eclipse doesn’t happen every year. But when it does, it’s cosmic fabulosity at its finest.  It lasts for only a few hours, so you need to make a plan regarding how you will use this energy. A lunar eclipse on a full moon is perfect for all purposes. Plan your activity  to coordinate in time with the passing shadow. When the moon is in full eclipse, treat those few moments as if the moon were in its Dark phase. Personally, I use this phase to be kind to me and honor myself and give myself some appreciation. I do things that make my spirit smile.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: This happens when the moon passes into the outer shadow of the earth. This type of eclipse is hard to spot unless the moon is 70% into that shadow. This particular brand of eclipses is more common and generally occurs at least once a year. When you can see it, the lower part of the moon looks a little distorted. During a waning phase for instance, the lower half of the moon will look blurred or smudged. Once again, it’s a special night. This is a good time to do some gratitude work, Honoring and thanking the Divine and honoring the Divine that lives inside of you. It is also a good time to honor how far you have come on your path. Maybe a gratitude celebration for you and all you have acheived and any person or spirit that has helped you get there.

So, my darlings…you see that we have been given the best “taking care of business” calendar free of charge. It never falters and it never needs recharged. I hope this has helped explain the cosmic goodness that hangs over our precious heads every night. I hope you get to know this grand lady and allow that energy to give you a cosmic boost.

Smooch Out!


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I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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