Pre-Breakfast Epiphanies…or I think this MACA stuff is clearing my mind!

So…this morning,while making my Everyday Girl Smoothie, I had a couple of really wonderful, and for me, life and paradigm shifting epiphanies. They dawned on me as I was waiting for the NutriBullet to do it’s thing. I want to lay them upon you all. I hope they make you think a little. They are churning in my head, so I feel like the crossroads that Astrologer Nancy told me about might just be here. In readings, I have been seeing big decisions for so many people. Big life changing decisions appeared before me regularly. When my readings for others and Nancy’s astrological predictions start to match up, I usually know that it is time to put on a helmet and re-apply my lipstick, because whatever is coming will be coming for me too.

The word “crossroad” is a scary little effer.  We immediatly worry that it will be a relationship issue or a work issue. I mean, that is what we all worry most about, right? We can’t lose our love or our money. That’s some hard living and recovery, and no nobody wants any of that business. The “crossroad” was supposed to hit mid month, and here we are smack dab in the middle. I’ve been looking around and over my shoulder just waiting for a shoe to drop…and squarely on my head. So far, no shoe….until the motor of my smoothie master lulled me into a kind of morning, sleepy eyed trance that allowed my brain to go into places that it rarely gets to these days.

My first epiphany came from a text that I shared with my partner, Sondra.

Sondra knows my love of all things glamorous. She also knows I am addicted to drag queens. Not all drag queens….just the really incredible ones who are true quick witted, fashion loving, lash batting, wig wearing fountains of fabulously.

In the text we joked about my drag queen obsession and how it doesn’t really fit with my job or the fact that I am a lesbian. When I told another friend about the conversation, he said, “You love drag queens because you are a drag queen!”

I laughed at that, but it was a laugh and a brow scrunch.  I am not a drag queen. I am a feminine woman. I love glamour.

So I was thinking about that this morning, and here is the epiphany:

Women of the fifties and sixties were so so glamorous. Wigs, Lashes, makeup, heels and dresses were an everyday thing in most women’s life. My very practical, mother wore a hair piece everyday in our small farming town. She worked in the office of Armco Steel. She slept on a little roll of a pillow to keep her hair- do as in tact as possible. She glammed up every morning  to work in a STEEL PLANT. She was fabulous. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Then came the seventies. Feminism hit our nation like a tidal wave. Hairstyles became more relaxed. Women demanded to be seen in business. Divorce rates soared. Single mothers were having to do it for themselves. Women had to begin competing with men, and that competition was a war.

In order to be taken seriously, we had to look more practical. We had to be more manlike. What man can think straight when you have a set of 301’s on your baby blues and a pouty glossy lip? We needed men to think of us as a man and not as anything else.  We became more like men, focusing on the bottom line over the natural instinct based on love that ever woman possesses. Any woman who dared glam up in the business world, we as women, immediately dismiss as dull witted and not to be taken seriously.  Today, we have given our world of over the top glamour to men. Feathers, wigs, lashes, glitter and shine have been handed to men who use it to mock us and blow us out of proportion. These men embrace these fabulosities and add the quick wittedness and spunk of our glamorous foremothers. They blow it up to be examined, but they lack the one important factor that biological women all are bestowed with. The instinct love that gives us the ability to nurture and love unconditionally….our femininity. We lost our feminiity to feminism. Now please don’t get me wrong, I am a strong feminist. I support you sister. I agree with what you are saying. But please, take a moment to get me.

A woman’s power is in her femininity. The ability to be strong and soft at the same time. It’s the love in the heartbeat that is a soundtrack to the beginning of every person on this earth. Our strength is in our softness. Our ability to nurture and kick and ass simultaneously. Our ability to love someone even though they are dragging us through hell. The ability to be drug through hell and still get up and get the laundry done and get to work on time.

Women who love to be women are strong and wise and grow into those women like Betty White, who persevere through all that life has thrown at them and still stand up to the plate with style and grace to face another day.

In work situations, I have seen women turn on other women simply because they wore too much make up, had big or differently colored hair or stylish clothes. They were immediately dismissed as unworthy because they didn’t fit a more conservative paradigm. (PS…there is nothing wrong with girls who choose not to glam up. The point is that we are all groovy in whatever looks we choose.) I can’t say that I have never participated in this behavior. I have been known to bad talk girls who bad mouth the glam girls with a quick ” at least she gives an effort”. Bad Suzy. I’m never doing it again.

This leads me to my second paradigm…. (This is a long assed blog…sorry )

I tell people all the time that we have to love ourselves. It’s easier said than done. But here is one of my big reasonings.

When the Bible tells us that God made man in his own image…..We know that God does not have a body. God or our Creator is a force…and energy.

We know, from science that we are made of energy. Our souls are energy. Our souls do not have a body, as our Creator does not have a body. We are all a part of our Creator’s energy. Our soul is a part of that Divine Energy, that is why we are all connected. It’s our cosmic DNA.

So, when you turn your back on yourself, you turn your back on you Creator.

That can’t be good.

So, I realized this morning…I know I am a slow learner…when we turn our backs on another person, we turn our backs on our Creator.

Uh Oh….I love to read a bitch for filth……uh uh…..crap.  That’s not okay.

Holy Crap…..that is a life changer.

My crossroad arriveth.

So, love yourselves, sweet darlings. Love each other….even though we may chap one another’s behind. And remember to think of a person like the tupperware in your refrigerator. Don’t judge it or throw it out because the container is unmarked and makes your uncomfortable. You won’t know if it’s a treat until you open it….that goes for your relationship with you too.

Fabuste’ – The fabulous in me recognizes the fabulous in you.

Smooch Out!


Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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