Being Enough

I was raised in the “heart of it all”. Ohio’s little tagline that I saw on billboards, state fair promotional goodies and barn sides for the whole of my childhood and thirty years into my adulthood. It seemed fairly fitting at the time. People in Ohio are friendly, they are almost always glad to see you. If you need help finding your way or if you are just looking for a friendly face, you better hope you run into an Ohio native. Big eyes and wide smiles and good natures come from the heart of it all. Good people doing good things.
BUT! (don’t you just love a big but?)
We all know that there is a universal balance in all things. So, when I tell you all of the lovely things about the people in the place where I grew up, I must also mention a darkness that lives there too. It’s really undetectable if you live your life in the acceptable way. If you do things in the right order enough. If you win enough. If you work hard enough. You will fit right in and life will be lovely if you have enough and pray enough. It’s a tall order for a child to fill. Love is not always unconditional. Success is oftentimes what keeps you on the “smiled at” list. Deviate or falter or just be a little different and you could put your self in risk of energetic hypothermia from all of the cold shoulders that you experience. Personally, I never hit a good balance. I was at either end of that spectrum until I left that place. I seldom go back. I realize that I can never do enough to be enough there, mostly because of who I am. So, I had enough.

But in reality, and by reality I mean by Divine standards…I AM ENOUGH.

If we can just get that through our heads, right?

We are all beautiful incarnations of perfect love. Love is the only thing that is real. So, I am doing my best to remember that just because I am from Ohio. I don’t need to give myself a cold shoulder anymore. I am enough. You are enough. Just because we are sitting here taking up space…WE ARE ENOUGH!
I’ve just about torn myself up trying to understand and accept that. But what helps me the most is just closing my eyes and saying in my head:
“I am enough. I AM enough! I am enough because I am made of Divine love and that is enough. I am enough!”
So, try it and see how it feels. Once it actually sinks in, sit in that and feel the limitations leave you.
So, now that you are enough…what do you want to do?
You are love. I am love. The only thing that is real is love. Do you feel some zen creeping in?

I do.

The love in me recognizes the love in you….and it’s a groovy thang, y’all. All right, that’s enough!

Smooch Out!


Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

One thought on “Being Enough

  1. As always, I love your thoughts and reasoning. Sometimes we all feel as if “being enough” is out of our reach. One idea…when you feel this doubt kicking in, is to ask yourself, “enough for WHO?” In that simple question…you answer a lot about yourself.

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