Ok…Here’s my idea.

I am a self loather. Yes, I am. I was raised to be. It’s really generational. It has been going on far to long to place blame…so we just have to recognize it and try our best to shake off the syndrome. 

I am always looking for little ways to help me end the cycle. Little tricks….especially little tricks in pretty containers usually lend me some happy assistance.

Way back when…when I had my big important J-O-B…I had to go to meetings. I had tons of them. I didn’t love them. But one day there was one of those BIG meetings that got held off premises, to accommodate all of us and to make us feel special in some way, I don’t know…

Anyway…there was this little exercise that we did. 

We were each handed a 3×5 note card. Our instructions were to put the name of the person sitting to the left of us at the top of the card. Then we were instructed to write a small, sincere compliment on the first line and then pass it to the right. We continued passing the cards and writing our statements until the card came to its rightful owner. It was a good exercise. It made me look at the people I work with in a positive light. It made me remember that they were real deep feeling and normal people who were there to work their purpose and to make money to feed their families. When I got my card back, I teared up. I was surprised at the comments…you know I always think everyone secretly hates me…mostly because I have secretly hated myself. Those comments meant a lot to me. Mostly because I saw truth in the statements…and they came from other people. Those who saw me at my best and my worst. Those statements were the good things they felt about me when asked. I was moved.

Here are my comments:

” You are a “breath of fresh air” at work”

“Love your smile”

“I just love you”

“Your movie making skills are great!”

“You the bomb! My favorite FDC teacher”

“Not enough room on this card to say how glad I work with you”

“Great to work with”

“Always has a smile on her face”

“Just an AWESOME person”


“Friendly and Smiles often”

“Creative and funny! Breath of fresh air!”


Years later….I still have that card. I still appreciate it. I still read it. I still need it.


Recently I have been really getting into working a great deal with the angels. I thought I might develop a workshop using a combination of the note card exercise and working with the angels.

I came up with the ” Angel Cache”…..and THIS boys and girls is my idea. 

You will need:

A group of friends….ala Facebook 

A pretty container…glitter, bedazzle, bead whatever you want…it is your pretty container.

Some paper, or little posties or some kind of small note paper or card. 

Post the following on your Facebook wall:

YOU ARE MY ANGELS – I am building an angel cache with words of inspiration to help me remember how I am loved during times of darkness. Please leave a one word or a one sentence statement that you feel describes me, or something that you like or admire about me. I am writing these comments down and saving them in a pretty container. When my life gets filled with worry or trouble, or when I am just having a hard time loving me, I will pull your words from my Angel Cache and be reminded of you and your words of inspiration. Please post this on your wall, and I will leave you a little love. Thanks for loving me and helping me to love myself through all the good and the bad.


When you get comments. Write them down on the pieces of paper. You can draw or find some pictures of angels to put on the back of the cards if you wish. Sit the pretty container on your desk, or your beside, or wherever you will be able to get to it. When you are feeling low, reach into your fabulously decorated container and pull out a wonderful gift of you. 

My hope is that your fabulous container ( box, bag, jar, whatever) will give you some happy whenever you look at it…and when you need a little boost, the energy of the love on those little notes will help you love yourself through any day.

So, I am gonna start it on my wall….I will love if you play along.  Thanks for reading…

Love you meeces to pieces!

Smooch Out 🙂  ….and remember Martha Stewart glitter is the best 🙂


Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

2 thoughts on “Ok…Here’s my idea.

  1. Just discovered you, Susan. Your blog is amazing; I think you are a wonderful writer, so honest and sincere. I’m a writer myself, so you know that is a critical review. I also agree with your outlook; love is the origin of all truths, all life. It is the motivation for being, the nature of the eternal source. Please keep sharing your positive, loving messages with us. It is the work of a healer.

    1. Lorrie, I am just clutching my pearls at your very sweet comments. I do appreciate you reading my blog. I do BIG appreciate your kind words. You are right about the love thing.
      If more people got that, I think we’d all be a great deal happier. 🙂 Thanks again, really.

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