It’s the little things….

I turned 47 this year. 

Yes, I know; a lady never tells her age. Well, I am not always a lady so I suppose I can let it slip this one little time. 

I fight the aging thing. Well, not with a whip and a chair or anything drastic like that. I mostly do it with make up and hair do’s and groovy wear and denim…and eyelashes and sunless tanner and too expensive sun glasses. So, I just slap it around a little I guess. 

This year, it hit me that I am in my late forties and probably more than halfway done with this lifetime. I’ve done a great deal with these forty seven years. I’m proud of most of those years…a few that I am not so proud of, I smile back on fondly. 🙂  I realize that I better get busy and start setting some goals for next decades ahead. I don’t want to get bored. I still want to play golf. There’s a goal. I need to lose some pounds in the chesticular department as to keep impediment of swing to a minimum. I will dig being a snappy, tan, older girl with my carefully color treated hair smoothed back in a classic low slung pony tail. My butter soft golf shirt and Bermuda shorts and natty shoes with the tassels will look lovely in the sun and again later in the club house while I am having a quick lunch and a manhattan with my fellow golfer gal pals. It’s just a piss-elegant fabulous dream…..and I’m making it a goal.

Goals are important. They say that as long as you have one…you are more productive and happier. Really, they say that idle hands are the devil’s playground. I kinda believe that one. I know people who have stopped setting goals for themselves. They get complacent. They become depressed and then they fall into negative behavior patterns….oh..there is that devil on the merry-go-round…   I get it, and I am setting some goals. TODAY! 🙂

As I look forward….and backward at the same time. I see patterns arising in myself that make me think of my upbringing. The realization of them make me shudder and feel a sense of comfort, simultaneously. It is an odd cocktail of never wanting to become my past and yet, understanding that those parts of my past are good. They are comforting. They are real. They make me feel real, and established. I feel rooted and like a grown up in good ways…not just the bill paying, face the music kind of ways.

For instance: This last holiday season, I began…out of the blue…to save containers. Every Cool Whip or lunch meat container I could get my hands on went in to the dishwasher and then stashed in the cabinet. As I did it, I felt good….like some kind of right of passage had occurred. When we had guests over….I send leftovers home with people in my cool whip bowls. I felt good. I felt solid. It felt warm and like love. 

I have also started wearing reading glasses. It’s not just a option any longer. I really do need them. A year or so ago I began getting really upset with the hair product manufacturers because the writing on the bottles of gel or mousse or whatever were so tiny, there was no way to read it. One day, in a fit of indignation, I called Sondra into the bathroom to complain about the situation. I handed her the bottle while chastising the company for their tiny unreadable font size and much to my surprise….she started reading it. Out loud, and without a problem   If I had been wearing pearls, you bet I would have clutched them. Anyway….I realized I had a problem. I have readers and I love them. If I sweep my hair up and wear them I am a sexy older librarian. ahem….Madame Librarian.

My latest is the limited cleavage act. A few weeks ago, while out and about, I noticed a stylish older woman who had a great deal of cleavage showing. It was jacked and racked and slightly cracked and really not at all attractive. So…the Congress of the United Selves of Susan have declared that only a minimal amount of cleavage be shown in every day situations and only a moderate amount be shown in special situations. It was passed into law with only one nay vote from Super Tan Suzy who expressed discontent at the limitations that will be presented to the Maxi Dress summer thing. We are in cover up negotiations for special summertime situations currently.

Settling down or settling up….I don’t know. I do know that it is time to accept myself for who I am and where I am. Setting goals is what keeps me moving along this bumpy road of life. We all gotta plan our trip! I’m not calling bucket list yet. So it’s just a Party Plan for now!

Set some goals for yourself. Look forward to your life. Keep your head up and on the road ahead….even if your right now is in the crapper…..plan your party up ahead, make a to do list and get there as quick as you can! Give the list to your guides and angels and ask for some big help!! That’s what I’m doing!

So, BYOB and don’t forget your sunscreen!! ( the latter portion of this sentence is not endorsed by Super Tan Suzy, however she is all about the BYOB)

Smooch Out!!


Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things….

  1. As a member of the 47 grouping I can give you an amen sister on all of the above . My favorite purchase from last weekend’s trip to Sephora was a tube of facial sunscreen that I actually like 🙂

  2. You age like FINE WINE. Very pretty and well refined in your picture and aura. I am 48 and have aged like MILK.

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