I Got All My Sistah’s With ME!

Happy International Women’s Day!

I want to take a minute to honor all of the women that I know and all of the women that I have known. 

I love women ( and don’t be a smart ass here, we all know I am a lesbian…you ain’t gotta take us there)

Women to me are as close to the physical manifestation of God that I can imagine. I know there was Jesus, and I do love me some Jesus. Jesus loves women too. I know he loves me and I am a woman. 🙂

Women embody all things. We are strong when we need to be. We are soft when we can be. We are nurturers and we are givers of life.

A woman will understand the meaning of unconditional love. As a tiny life grows inside of us, we get it. We understand the faith of loving something we cannot see. It is natural.

We sacrifice our physiques, glady as we watch our tummies grow in creation of this new love, this new person for whom we are already laying down our life. We are already in love. We love big and instinctually and fiercly. 

When that small bundle is handed to us, we make food to feed it. We intuititvely know when it needs to sleep and eat, and when it is uncomfortable. Even when the child isn’t ours biologically, we know, we love  the same. We mother, instinctively.

Women are magic.

The women in my family are strong. They were big busted, big haired, big loving girls that kicked my ass and hugged me tight enough to make my eyes pop out. I watched them suffer rotten husbands, sickness, money problems and more with the strength of a lion and with a wit as sharp as a razor.

They were leaders in their communities, in the ways that they were allowed. They took care of it all, allowing their men to think that it was all their doing, when in fact, they were handling the load.

They earned a living, wiped noses, cooked really good food, loved, cried, laughed and lived.

Genevieve- Thank you for the guts and the ability to speak my mind

Juanita- Thank you for the softness and the firm belief that soft and round is just as sexy as any stick.

Martha – Thank you for my ability, and the value of a good sense of humor

Judy – Thank you for the creativity and for my big voice and the knowing that what others perceive as a handicap does not need to hold you down

Wanda- Thank you for the fierce faith in God, my ability to pray, and to have pride in my ample bustline

Grandma- Thank you for common sense and my ability to see past what everyone else is doing to a better place.

Mom – Thanks for everything, thanks for life and love and the ability to love big and fight hard. Thank you for being my inspiration for moving forward. I am proud of your recovery and how far you have come.

To all of you who read this – Thank you for being the beautiful and inspirational women that you are. I so appreciate who you are and the who you are becoming. Thank you for being a part of my life and thank you for holding up your piece of this big old world.

Oh…and to Mary Kay- thanks for that concealer….really thanks

Love yourselves today, girlys…..You are my girl band in the rock and roll of life. Smmmooooches!

Smooch Out



Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

One thought on “I Got All My Sistah’s With ME!

  1. That, Ms. Susan, was beautifully written! It brought a tear to my eye and a joyful feeling in my heart! Happy Women’s Day to you l, also!

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