Looking back for forward thinking…

Ok…I am old. I am. You cannot sell me anything different than that today.

I had an adventure this weekend. It was so much fun. I met so many wonderful people and reconnected to people that I love. It was a good thing, Martha. But, here it is Wednesday…and I am still worn the heck out! I am not a nap taker, but really I could do with a good one right now.

This weekend, we went on the Ghost Get Away Weekend at Boone Tavern with the fabulous Patti Starr. For those of you who are new friends…

Patti Starr is who I give full credit and all of the love for giving me the resources and encouragement to be secure in my current dream profession. She has been not only the wind beneath my wings, but also the love in my heart and sometimes the boot in my behind. I love her to pieces. I call her my paranormal momma. I know that there are many folks out there that feel the same way.

I met Patti at a psychic fair. She was a speaker and had a booth. I talked to her briefly. But a few weeks later, after a trip to Waverly Hills….I called her. I needed some explainations. I knew that she had the love in her to answer them and to be patient with me. I had been seeing and talking to dead people for as long as I could remember, but the experiences in my teenaged years were very frightening and I didn’t want that to happen again. The Universe guided me to where I could find the love enough to work through those fears and seek answers to the questions that terrified me. As usual, I was guided to the perfect place to heal…Jesus gave me Patti Starr.

I eagerly read Patti’s book, and every other book she recommended to me. I took her ghost hunting classes and formed a little group of my own. I knew quickly, that ghost hunting was not the only thing for me. Every investigation was validation of the tingly feeling that I felt whenever there was spirit energy around. I soon became more interested in the spirits than in the seeking evidence of them. The more I read and meditated, the more ghost hunting seemed wrong to me.

I gave up my equipment. I didn’t care about that. I declared it inhumane to hunt spirits. I decided that if we found spirits, we should assist them in crossing. Yeah….I know. Judgement. Ego. Judgement. Ego.

This weekend, I drove the 7 hours to KY to do what I decided I was done with.

I bought a new meter. It scares me a little. I never pick it up without getting something.

But what I realized was what I really already knew.

Spirits aren’t always trapped. They come in visitation.

Some spirits don’t want to cross

Spirits can be in many places at one time.

Judgement of anything is not mine to do.

The paranormal can lead people to spirituality…..it did me.

Who better else to be there when someone has those questions than someone who has been there too and was so graciously loved through it? And so, if the Universe allows….I will give my best Patti Starr love to anyone with a question that I might have an answer to. I will probably go on more investigations if I am asked. I am not going to invest in a ton of equipment….but I am keeping this freaky little meter. So we come full circle…

No Judgement. No Ego. Just Love….and experience.

By the way…I had a crazy experience Friday night with what felt like someone lying next to me in bed with their arm slung around my waist. When I told the one of the hotel staff, she confirmed that she gets reports of that kind a lot.

and….I took a photo with a full apparition in it.

it still made my belly tickle with excitement.

-sigh-  You can take the girl out of the creepy, but you can’t take the creepy out of the girl.

Smooch Out!



Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

2 thoughts on “Looking back for forward thinking…

  1. Ghost hunting led me to the spiritual world of love & light too. We are all one light so let’s shine it!

  2. Hi Susan,

    Is it possible for you to post the photo?! Seeing it would put a creepy tickle in my belly, too!!

    Let Your Love Light Shine,
    Peggy Clark

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