Love and butter, the two biggest messiest and greatest things EVER…

ok…I say these things all the time..

It’s all about the love ( Named my radio show this AND it is on the back of my business cards)

Love each other through it

love yourself through it

and the one that I have used for as long as I can remember..when someone says, ” Susan! What am I gonna do with you?”

I say….” You’re gonna love me…and I am gonna love you right back!”

The number one used word for me on the Facebook is “Love”…the second is “Big”

Big Love on ya.

I throw that word around like Paula Deen throws around butter.

….and I do it for the same reason.


In the best times, love and butter are soft and creamy and delicious. They make you smile and say things like, “mmmm” and ” yyyeah” and “gimme some more o’ dat”.  They enhance and complete things…they make you feel comfortable. They both sizzle when it gets hot. And they both go well with a biscuit. ( I put love in my biscuits, don’t you?)

It can me a hot mess too.

In trying times, love and butter can make you queasy. They both can be messy and when the fire gets too hot they can pop you and burn you. If left unattended …they both can grow bitter and the taste can get off. If we give either of them up, we get homesick for them. Try a substitute….it just tastes like plastic.

So, let me just say that butter and love although two of my favorite things (  I was originally gonna compare love to bacon, but I am trying to cut the pig out of my diet) love is way healthier for you than butter…and it won’t make your butt er get bigg er. There is no doctor gonna tell you to cut it out and Richard Simmons will never cry if you over indulge.

My recommendation is that you use love like butter. Spread it on everything until it is shiny. It doesn’t matter if it get’s messy. It will get messy, for sure. You are gonna get burned, and you will heal. You will have to clean up some mess from it, and you will learn how to prevent a mess during that. You will get popped, and you will learn to take care of yourself when the proverbial skillet gets hot.

….and I know that you would never forget to butter your own biscuit, right?


but just like a little butter on a biscuit, it will be worth it. It will make you smile. You will want more of it. Soon, you will never want it to be out of your house and you will never want it to go bad.

I am buttering the sugar out of all of you right now.

Biscuits all around!

Smooch out…and pass the jelly. 🙂




Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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