What the Trump is happening? How an Empath survives a hard election.

Holy crap, Cookies!

We’ve all been on such an emotional roller coaster.  We’d hoped would end last Tuesday. However, deep inside we knew that it was just the beginning, and here we are…right in the middle of one of the most energetically ugly situations that this old girl can remember. The amount of hate and ugliness that is spilling out of the mouths and actions of both sides is staggering and shocking.

Of course, we all have our opinions. We all have our passions. When you are an empath, chances are you will have strong passions and opinions ( because we are healers and healers can’t stand for things to be broken) but we may also be feeling and claiming the energy of the passions and opinions of those people around us. Little precious energy sponges, that’s what we are.

Why are we like this? Well again, it’s because we are healers. In order for someone to heal the energy of another person or thing, we must be able to sense the difference in energy to discern the root of the problem. We are hard wired to feel other energy. It’s what allows us to do what we are designed to do, which of course is to heal.

So, how can we figure out what is our own crap and what is the actual other people crap? If it’s low level energy like anger or sadness or resentment, it’s all crap. But, understanding what you are feeling and processing your own feelings is crucial for your best mental health. That is important. Staying in that place of low energy can cause you to have some bad side effects like headaches, nausea, dizziness, lethargy. So, we want to clear that out as soon as we process it. I find it best to sit quietly with myself and ask myself in a calm way just why I am upset and process from there. Oftentimes, I find that the issue that is making me so upset is something that is linked to my past that never got completely healed. Processing like that brings my analytical mind and my compassionate mind together and that creates healing. This also quiets my mind so I can understand if the energy of emotion belongs to me or if I absorbed it from someone else. If I can’t really make a solid case for my emotions, I know that I am claiming someone else feelings and I can let that go. So, how can you do all of this processing with everyone acting like a tornado? Here is a list of tips that can help:

  • Stay off of social media – Other people’s opinions are really none of your business. The energy of words is mighty. Those memes that people post are often full of falsehoods and exaggerated facts. Plus, anger and resentment sometimes act like a bad bottle of booze and allows the gloves to come off and the filters to leave, allowing your family and friends to say things that you might now want to hear or know about. Honestly, they may have only read the headline of a post and shared it and didn’t really understand the implications. If a drunk person tells you they love you, you never take it seriously. So don’t take it seriously when they tell you the opposite. If you absolutely have to get on social media, stick to places that post more pictures and less words. If you are trying to post things to lighten everyone up, you may become discouraged as the fighters keep fighting. Give it some time. Don’t participate. Calmly walk away. Craft. Sleep. Go for a walk. Play with your pets.
  • Take Care of YOU – make sure you get a good amount of sleep. Treat yourself as you would your child. If you wouldn’t want your child to see it, don’t you look at it either. People may tell you that you are burying your head in the sand, believe me the same people will let you know what’s going on in your daily conversation with them. So, don’t worry about that part.
  • Make sure you are eating good and healthy foods. Remember fruits and vegetables will raise your energy and sugary snacks will drag you down.
  • Meditate or Pray, whichever calms you down and allows you to find some quiet peace.
  • Ground yourself with a grounding exercise or by going outside and being with nature.
  • Take some clearing baths and call the Archangels to clear negativity and heal your energy. Call in Mother Mary to feel her unconditional love and nurturing.
  • Breathe deeply. Allow your mind and body to be nourished by the air.
  • Light a candle for peace and love. Let the flame hold your intention as it burns.
  • If someone challenges you, or starts to pick a fight with or near you…just ignore it. Don’t participate. If you have to, smile and say that you are sorry and calmly walk away. Don’t get caught up in the energy of the emotion. Remove yourself from the situation and care for yourself.
  • Remember who you are. There is a lot of violent behavior going on these days. If you feel yourself getting into that vibration of rage and anger, take a few breaths and center yourself and remind yourself that this isn’t who you really are. You are a Divine spark of love. Love is what makes the world go around. Find your Love Spark. Sit it with it for a minute breathing in the love.
  • Drink a nice cup of tea and relax with yourself.

It’s the best time ever to spend alone time with yourself. It’s the best time to get to know your own heart and spirit. It’s the best time to commune with your cosmic posse and your higher self. Figure out who you are in the center of the storm. If you hear of horrendous things being done, send love to the situation or stop and say a prayer for healing. If you feel you need to get involved in protests or groups for change, please find some loving people to join in with who will strive to create change in peaceful ways. We are healers, after all. We’re going to want to try to fix things. Just remember that you have no effect on fixing anything if you are broken.

Remember, we are all in this together. Each one of us has that Divine Spark of Love. Hold tight. Have Faith.

Smooch Out







Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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