Fabulosity Day 5!

It’s Tu-Tu-Tuesday! It is also day five of my Thirty One Days of Fabulosity!.

Today I want to cut right to the chase. Today there is no lesson or moral to the story. I know, it’s a pearl clutcher for me too. HOWEVER…this is one of the simplest and most handy fabulosities that I do. I only started doing it about a year ago. I can’t believe that I even thought to do this. I mean, most of my really good shit comes from Pinterest or Facebook or Stumble Upon…or basically OTHER PEOPLE. But this one…it is a genuine bonafide cosmetic epiphany, sent straight into my brain by “Fabula, The Patron Saint of the Beauty Supply.”

I love luxury. Don’t judge me. I like the good stuff.
BUT….yes here comes my big but…

I don’t like to pay big prices for stuff that I may hate after a few days.

So, I ask for samples.


I go to Ulta and they give me samples because I am a schmoozer, and I make friends with the sample giver. Rememember, no matter how bitchy he or she can be, the sample giver is gooooood. A good sample is an awesome get in the glamour world.

The bad thing is that they sometimes come in those crazy foil packets.

photo 12
^ Crazy Foil Packet ^

There is usually way more stuff in a crazy foil packet than for just a one time use. You can ride the contents of a foil packet of eye cream for up to a week, if you do it right. That gives you enough time to figure out it if you love it enough to spend the chunk of money that it costs. It’s awesome, except that foil packets are hard to store, keep up with, not squish, keep sanitary…the list goes on. Well, not really on and on, but foil packets are not convenient.

I have a solution. It’s a good one.

photo 11
Contact Cases

You can get them at Walgreens, in a pack of 6 for about 6.99.

They are perfect for emptying the foil packets in to. It almost fills the container and the lid screws back on water and air tight. It is perfection.
photo 15

If you have more than one sample or if you don’t want to forget what kind of cream is in the case, you can totally label it with a sharpie marker on the bottom of the container.
photo 26

The cases are easy to pack if you travel. They never give me the fish eye over them at the airport. Please don’t get me started on the airport…

They are really handy for home made lip glosses or any other thing that you really need and must never ever spill. They are completely reusable. I have run my cases through the dishwasher and they came out just fine.

If you need to re-lable with the name of another product, there is no problem.

Just spray some hairspray, or rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe it clean. It comes off easily with alcohol, but stays on in your purse or make-up drawer.

Ta Da!!!

You can even make some lip balm and put it in there, should you be short on eyelash cases…if that is possible.

Gloss em up, y’all!

Smooch Out!


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I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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