Day Four of Fabulousity!

Hello Loves!

It’s day four of my Thirty One Days of Fabulosity. But before I get into that, I want to take a moment to tell you all that I had the most delicious facial today. I mean it was wonderful. It was way self indulgent, but what I realized is that self indulgence in the name of taking care of myself is ok. I didn’t indulge in a box of Ho-Ho’s. I didn’t indulge with a Venti Mocha with extra whip. I indulged my senses and let my body completely de-stress. It was truly worth it, and I am beginning to wrap my head around the good things and the bad things that I could be totally okay with swapping. Could I never eat another ho-ho again if I got to have a facial like that every month or so? Yes, I could. My skin looks so much better. I was completely relaxed and the sounds and smells and feelings were rapturous. So, there may be a mindset and budget paradigm shift in my very near future. Giving up the delicious bad for the delicious good? Sounds like a plan I can get behind.

In that taking care of oneself vein….let me move on to my Fabulosity of the day.
It’s actually like a double fabulosity. That means that I read about one and tried it and the other happened accidentally while I was doing the first thing.

I am sure that you all have heard the benefits of coconut oil. I have made sugar scrubs and moisturizers and make-up removers and fried my chicken in it. I have been buying it by the great big container for a couple years. Recently, it has become my new BFF.

A month or so ago, I started having a little problem. I was waking up with crazy headaches. The kind of headaches that were so severe that I had to close one eye and walk with my head resting in my hand just to get to the bathroom in the morning.
I thought I had sleep apnea. I don’t want to wear a mask to bed, so I ignored it, thinking that if it continued for more than a couple of weeks, I would go to the doctor.

Then I traveled out of town, alone. No more headaches.
Nope, not a single one the entire time I was gone. AND there was plenty of stuff going on that should have given me a headache!

First night back home, in my nice soft clean bed, I slept soundly all night. I woke up the next day – BAM! Crazy headache was back with a vengence.
So,I thought about it and realized that only one thing was different. While I was traveling, I didn’t sleep with a fan on all night.
My partner needs the fan. She needs it so much that she cannot even begin to sleep without it.
I mentioned it too her the second night at home. We left the fan off. She couldn’t sleep. I woke up in the morning. No headache. Houston, we have problem.

So, We googled. What we found was that people who had these kinds of headaches had sinus problems, and the fan was drying out the sinus cavity and causing the crazy headache.
The solution?

Put coconut oil up your nose to moisturize your sinus.

I thought it was the grossest thing I had ever heard of.

Guess what? It kinda is. It feels really weird and just not right to scoop a small finger full of coconut oil out of the jar and stick it up your nose. Blech.

But no more headaches. It works.

Invariably when you scoop the glop out of the jar, you scoop too much. So, before I run the stuff up my nose, I smooth a little on my lips. What a difference!!

Within two days, I noticed that my lips looked smoother and fuller. No more dry wrinkly lips. They are soft and smooth. BONUS.

About a week into my routine, I thought I would try to spice it up a little. I made a sweet minty version that reminds me a little of that EOS lip balm.

It is my now a regular part of my evening ritual. I love it.

Here is how I do it.

You will need:
Coconut Oil – I just scoop it out with a plastic spoon into a small glass bowl. I do two spoonfuls so I can make enough to last me for awhile.

Stevia- Not even a half packet. You don’t even really need Stevia, but that little bit of sweetness is nice for me.

Peppermint Oil – Please be sure it is food grade. Just two drops will do. It is strong. You want “minty freshness” not “Exhilarating Minty Minty Mint”.

The Coconut oil gets melty pretty easily, so it’s not difficult to get the three ingredients mixed and emulsified. Stir it up and smooth it on.

I store my excess in an old eyelash case. Mostly because I have a dozen or so of them laying around at any given time.

Like this:

I slather this sweet minty stuff on my lips as the final step to bedtime…I mean right before I put the plain coconut oil up the sniffer.

Oh, I should also mention. I had a fever blister that started to come out on my lip. Two nights of this stuff and it never fully made an appearance. Worth the price of admission, that one. Mmmhmm…is sure is.

Love yourselves in healthy ways!

Smooch Out with your softy soft lips!


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I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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