The Pro’s and Con’s of Living in the South

Ok…I have been in Georgia for over a year. I am fully in the middle of my second summer. Now, I lived for many years in what I like to refer to as the “psuedo-south. Kentucky is a beautiful state full of very southern accents and lots and lots of good country cooking and southern hospitality, but the south…well, it is really a different story.

When I talk to people who have known me a long time…they always ask how I am liking it in Georgia. I always say I love it, and that is the truth. I do. But as with everything, there is a duality to living in the south. I think that I am about to share it with you, if I can ever get to the list…so, let’s just get on to it right now.

Good Thing- The south is warm, most of the time.

Bad Thing – The south is oven hot, for a couple of months.

Good Thing- The southern sun is bright and beautiful.

Bad Thing – The southern sun will burn your hide like your momma after you cussed in church.

Good Thing- There are so many beautiful flowers and trees that blossom in bursts of colors. They are like surprise gifts as you drive along.

Bad Thing – Pine trees and their needles and sticky sap are everywhere.

Good Thing – Bluebirds and Cardinals are lovely and vibrant.

Bad Thing – What the hell is that bug?? I have never seen bugs like this! There has been some weird stick bug on my front door for two days. Doesn’t it need water or something for God’s sake??

Good Thing: Pedicures are cheap

Bad Thing: Cheap does not always mean good.

Good Thing: Hot weather makes everyone walk around half- naked.

Bad Thing: Lord, I am doing it too, and I know that I don’t need to be. LOL

Good Thing : People are friendly. The pace is slow.

Bad Thing: I miss my baby and all my Kentucky Wonders.

But, if I am being honest….it is all good. The bad defines the good. The missing makes the having even better. The hot makes me glad that I am not in the cold.

I am digging the hot south. I am brown as a bean and feeling calmer. I see so many people around me that don’t feel this easy energy. I see people searching and struggling. me?? I am too hot to be frenetic. I am sweating out the negativity. I am gonna find me a house with a front porch and sit with my baby and drink tall glass of something cooling.

I hope that you will do the same.

People say that the world is gonna come to an end. We don’t really know it, do we? Some folks will tell you that they do know it and they even know the exact day. Who can say for sure?? I can’t pretend to know for sure. So…

I say until then…

Love each other, love yourself and try your best to be better. Live your life in a better and more joyful way. Get out and look around you…let that sun on your face. Enjoy today. Love today. Live today. Laugh today. Be the love today. Be happy today. It is really your own perspective. Your own story. Release the negativity, release the expectation and just live this day fully and in joy. Allow your life to be perfect as it is. It is all our own paradigm, who says it can’t be fabulous? It can be if you want it to be…and know that you deserve it to be. You do, very fabulous child of God…YOU DO!!

And, if you’re are in the South….get some sunblock. It is hard to be Christ-like when the back of your knees are burnt. You can take that straight from the girl who is peeling like a lizard. đŸ™‚

Smooch Out, y’all. Big Love on ya!!


Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

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