10 Things I learned on Vacation…

We just rolled back into town from our week at the beach. It was a rowdy assed time, y’all. I mean…you know…for the over 40 crowd who have developed a strong taste for comfort over speed. 🙂


I swam in the ocean, and the pool. I saw more than enough oceanic wildlife to make me stay out of the ocean ( jellyfish, sharks and rays..more than one of each) I picked up shells along the beach. I watched the sunset and rise almost everyday over the ocean. It was beautiful. 

You can’t see the glass of wine in my hand. 4 points

…and we tried to stay on the plan. I swear we did. I walked every morning but two. One was because we were leaving and the other was because I had been a little over served at the discotech the night before. Plus I figured that I had danced the equivalent of two walks that night. Sondra has the pictures to prove it (gah)

Throughout this trip, there were several things that I noted and would like to share with all y’all. Some about dieting on vacation…but some are things that we all might need to think about ourselves. It’s not too deep…read on. When we planned this vacation we had images of fresh fruit and veggies and fresh seafood all prepared with ease and finesse and in the healthiest most possible ways. We would go down to the grocery and grab the things we need and be on plan all week. I would only need to work out for the cocktails….it was gonna be great.


1. Most folks who like to vacation at the beach ( ok Panama City Beach) prefer their seafood…well ok, prefer most of their food FRIED. Battered and FRIED. You need to really look for those broiled or grilled options on most of the menus. Those deep fryers are going strong at the beach. I believe they would fry your flip flop for a modest fee. The grilled and broiled selection are so butter laden that they may as well be fried. 472 pts

2. Grocery stores at the PCB are savvy to the ways of their customers. There were four hundred and eleventy-leven different kinds of snack chips. However, We had to go to two different stores to find an avocado. We never did find bean spouts. The produce that they did have was really sad looking. I mean, hell, don’t we get some produce from Florida? 

3.Drinking starts fast on vacation. Wine flows like go go juice and I never want to miss the opportunity to hold a pretty glass.

4. Forget being good when going out to dance. We went to a karaoke night at a tiny little bar and closed it down. The manager gave us free cocktails and begged us to come back the next night. You can’t turn down free, or a gift…that would be rude.I lost track of points. Actually I think I may have said “Eff those points.” at one time or another. I’m not sure….I was saying a lot that night.  But really, it is a testament to how much fun we were having…and we drug everyone else in that bar along for the ride. 🙂

5. When going to the beach, notice what others are doing. After you have spent a month pissing and moaning and worrying about your “bingo wings”, “thunder thighs” or “tank ass”, because you are sure that every skinny bitch at the beach is going to be laughing and pointing at you…..take a look around when you get down there. NOBODY CARES. That is the truth. People are nice and friendly and nobody is staring at the top of your arms while they talk to you. Take off that beach cover and live. 

6. I need better light in my bathroom. Ok..so I am laying in the sun and I look down and there is a hair on my ankle that is about an inch long. What the hell? I just shaved my legs. Apparently I missed that hair….like EVERY TIME! How do I do that? So, I started looking at the rest of my legs. Good GOD! There are more than an couple of these patches along the leg ways. GAH!

7. Facing your fears head on is mind effing exhilaration. So my friend, Michelle went para-sailing. She was a little afraid of it, but she faced it and she did it. We were all so proud. I wanted to swim out with the dolphins, but I was too afraid. I mulled it around in my head all week. I wasn’t afraid of the water. I wasn’t afraid of the dolphins. I was afraid that I would not be able to get back into the boat. HOW was I going to get back up into the boat? I didn’t do it, and I regret it. So, the Universe had another plan for me. I have a big big fear of bridges. Bridges with no railings just feel so dangerous to me. To take the boat ride that we took, I had to walk two times on a very long pier…with absolutely NO railings. I stayed in the middle and set my head, asked everyone to get out of my way and I just walked …..quickly and and in a straight line until I was on land. It was crazy. I still wish I would have swam with the dolphins. It would have been so Doreen Virtue for me 😉

8. I have no idea how may points are in sand, but it seems like I ate a fair amount. 

9. The support of healthy friends is invaluable during these times. Thanks to Sue Anne for slowing down for me so that I could exercise too. She made me get up, get dressed and she walked right along side of me. When someone else is working along side of you it makes it all so much easier. It’s what I have always said about Sondra. Because she is doing it with me, it seems like just how we live and not like I am on a diet.

10. I release the worry that I am going to gain weight from this vacation. I have to release it….because I really believe that I did! I quit counting points and just tried to make better decisions than I am prone to. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. 🙂


Really, I had the best time. I did try to watch what I was eating and not be over the top with my cheating ways. My body is sore like I slid into home about ten times….but that just means that I worked it. I sunbathed everyday…and I may have even been mostly naked once. 🙂 tee hee.

 I lived,y’all. …and that is what we are here for. 

Tuesday is the day to face the music…I hope it’s Karaoke 🙂

Smooch Out



Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I learned on Vacation…

  1. Thank you! I have been a bit worried about the food at vacation as well. I am lucky however that The Cape has a lot of un fried crap. I am happy you were able to get out there and enjoy yourself. Next time, think dolphins!

    1. I am going to do the dolphin thing. I don’t know when but I do know that I will do it. Have fun at the cape. I ate raw oysters on this trip. I did okay until I got a really thick lobey one. It was all over right after that.

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