Keeping it Real

Sometimes I think that we should come with some sort of id badge. You know, something physical that we could pull out every now and again to read and remember who we are.

I do preach to people all the time that they should write a positive affirmation of self identity to read in front of the mirror every day. Now, do I have one of those little cards with an affirmation on them? Well, honestly…I have had dozens. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of a busy life, they get lost, or thrown away in a major cleanup in isle bathroom.

I am like the plumber with the leaky faucet. I know I need to fix the leak.

Susan, I mean the real secret inside Susan gets lost in the crowd some days. Different hats to wear to accomplish different things leave you wondering who the real inside person really is. Well, I have come to a realization this week. Yes I know, more thinking. You smelled smoke, right?

So I made a list of the good and the bad things about me. I looked at the list. I sat down with inside Suzy and we looked at the words that made us smile and we looked at the words that made us flinch and grimace. Together we realized that all of those traits make up me. The good and the bad and the indifferent. We laughed and smiled at the things that we liked about ourselves and we made a deal to modify at least a couple of the ones that made us frown. We had a plan. Inside Suzy thanked me for the sit down and shared with me that she is tired of struggling and tired of being looked at so harshly.  I promised that I would make more time to take care of her, and outside Suzy, because she is an only child, got jealous. I promised her some time everyday to take care of her too. She is far more difficult that inside Suzy.

So armed with this new identification list, I grab a new note card.

I am Susan Rushing.

I am a child of God.

The light and energy of God is within me.

I acknowledge all sides of myself

I stay in my integrity

I live on purpose.

I am smart.

I make people laugh.

I give people warmth and love.

I do my best to leave people and places better for my having been there.

I never leave my energy behind.

I love to laugh.

I love everyone and understand and overcome when I am frustrated with people.

I forgive myself.

Life is good to me.

Ok…so as I move forward and read this little notecard to myself everyday, I hope to see some big love come back on myself. I am keeping this card in my wallet, next to my drivers license. Kinda my id that I can pull out whenever I am feeling confused or find myself acting in a less than authentic way.

Being true to who you are makes life way groovier.

When you eff up, acknowledge it, apologize for it, forgive yourself for it and ask for forgiveness from whomever you took energy.

Only you know who you truly are, no matter who tells you any different.

So, to thine own self be true, Fancy.

So don’t let me down Hon, your mama’s gonna take you uptown. 🙂

Love yourselves, y’all. I am loving you right back.

Smooch Out!


Published by Susan Rushing

I am a professional psychic/medium in Atlanta Georgia. I am a firm believer in that this life and living is all about love.

2 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

  1. An interesting thing too…when you look at the inside person; you find out that SOME of the things you dislike about yourself also make up or contribute to the good things you like about yourself. I have a very real “power hungry” part of me that I don’t really like….but that power hungry chunky monkey also makes me an outgoing person and forces me to do things I would normally be afraid to do. So as long as I can control the monkey…It becomes a positive.

    I love you blogs…keep the love flowing and know that I love you.


  2. Some of us still need to work on forgiving ourselves, even when we didn’t even do anything wrong in some cases.

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